Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm So Coral

Sorry I’ve been absent again, these finals are kicking my bootay!
I have two more finals to take next week, so unfortunately, I have to postpone my giveaway again until after finals so I won’t be stressed or forget again.
I am going to be giving away a pair of sunglasses, very cool big shades :)
I hope everyone has had a lovely day so far and that the night is just as great :)
I am so happy finals are coming to an end, so i can relax all summer aka find a full-time job!
Please excuse my face, I am not high off of any drugs, just tired from late night studying :(
So far so good with my new friend, he’s really sweet, and he challenges me, I like a challenge ;)
Again, thank you so much for the support and comments, it means so much to my little fashion heart :)
I know I’ve been kicking it real causal lately, but the stress of school has led me to be less “glamorous”. Once finals are over, it’s back to the glam look!

I am wearing a gray Old Navy boyfriend pocket tee, coral pink L.E.I. for Walmart skinny jeans, a random silver belt, silver Old Navy sandals, silver Walmart hoop earrings, silver Walmart watch, and silver Goodwill bangles

Song of the Day: "You're The One" by Dondria

Sarah Jane

P.S. Do you like my blue toes? Lol, time to break out the bright color toes :)


  1. Cool, i love the bright skinny jeans. Hope everything is going good at school, i'm on my final projects and that stuff too, and i'm really really consumated and i'm really dressing normal so that's why i haven't post pics hehe.

    Greetings dear!

  2. love this coral pants, girl you are looking cooool!!!


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