Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally The Giveaway Post!

Fuchsia American Eagle Outfitters T-shirt Dress with Tie Waist (As a Top)
Medium Wash Old Navy Denim Shorts
Turquoise Max Rave Jelly Gladiator Sandals
Random Brown Headband
Gold Fabuless Bangles Set

Hello everyone! Finally the day has come to post my giveaway. I know I haven't been the best blogger, but now is finally a chance for you to tell me what you would like to see on the blog. Here's what's needed for the giveaway:
Just comment on this post with any suggestions you have to help me improve my site. I have 32 followers and that's a lot and I want to make this as engaging as possible :)
Here's pictures of the pair of sunglasses I am giving away:
I will post pictures of the perfume I am giving away in a moment, lol. Again, I will have two winners, one for the perfume and one for the sunglasses.

Again thanks to everyone who follows the blog and who views it, it means the world to me that I have a tiny spot on the blogosphere :) Also, feel free to check out my Chictopia account, I post a lot of looks there sometimes as well.

Hope everyone has a lovely day! I love you all!

Song of the Day: "Turn Up The Radio" by Keri Hilson

Sarah Jane


  1. first of all, I love the look. second, here's a suggestion that i think im starting to do, i'm trying to make my blog more about other people than just me, like a few friends or acquaintances with style to be featured. Also I've been giving friends tips and stuff so i've been taking pictures of those i "styled".

    congrats on so many followers!

    ps. love that previous skirt look, how did i miss that??

    <3 Lianna

  2. Oh u look sooo cuteeee in that pink. I would suggest you to put share personal tips, like fav stores or clothes, hair tips. Congrats for the followers darling.

  3. Anything in the pink family is my favourite. Site suggestion: Keep adding to it so there's more to see and more to do.

  4. No advice, just wanted to say you look killer - like you stepped right out of Coachella :)

  5. I'll follow you sweets! I could use a new pair of sunnies. :) No advice here.. just keep being you. xoxo -karrie

  6. I didnt realise you had a blog! Im a friend of yours on chictopia! I have followed your for sure, your blog is soo sweet and chic. Much love Kimberley xxxxxxxx Also I would grealty appreciate if you'd offer some advice on my blog, Im a newbie aha kinda dont know what im doing aha.

    Much loveeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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