Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspiration Boards- Summer Looks

First off, I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement left on my last post. It further reassured me that my gut is right, that wearing what i love is about just that, what I love, and as long as it flatters me, it's just expressing who I am. Again thank you and in honor of the compliments, here are some inspiration boards of what I plan on wearing soon, or at least variations of what I will be wearing soon :)

I own a great vintage beaded jacket that I adore, yet I've only worn it once, and not even anywhere out in public, just for a contest entry. Soon, this will get it's showcase, I'm so excited! The heels may be swapped out for some flats, since it's more practical for my everyday activities, but other than that, it's a for sure look.

I love this skirt I got at ASOS and it was at a bargain for $11 or $12. I also love the shoulder pad look, but it's softer here in the t-shirt :) Definitely getting in touch with the ethnic prints here. Possibly will add a headband and replace the gold bangles with a wooden stretch bracelet.

I've posted this set before, but have yet to wear the actual ensemble ever, There's a first time for everything lol. I would again have to change into flats, but otherwise, it's perfect for spring in my opinion.

I posted this look here before as well, yet again, never wore it. I love the yellow and lilac together with neutral tones like white and brown, so this is going to be perfect for spring/summer!

These are just some of the ensemble that I will finally wear soon. Of course, it's hot so I may not wear them the whole day, but definitely will wear them where they can be worn. Jackets are rough as it's blazing hot in Florida right now, but I will adjust accordingly :) Again, thanks for inspiring me to be, well, me! Thanks to the followers, the viewers, and the comments, I truly am grateful!

Sarah Jane


  1. Wow to that cropped beaded jacket. Just drooled.

    Thanks for your nice comment, too. Totally appreciated. XO

  2. Love all of those looks =)

    Great blog!


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