Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nautical Casual


 navy and white striped old navy boyfriend pocket tee
light wash wet seal destroyed denim shorts
gold soda round toe flats (urbanog.com)
thrifted beige quilted chain strap purse
navy blue kangol rolled brim hat
gold wet seal aviator sunglasses
gold fabuless.com heart shaped bamboo hoops
gold forever 21 heart pendant necklace
gold fabuless.com bangles

I have been struggling with something for some time now. I have some pretty cool pieces in my wardrobe that I don't wear. Like I maybe wore them once for a Chictopia/Weardrobe/Blog photo, but a lot of times, the outfits you see here, I don't wear outside. I am usually afraid of the criticism my friends and family have about my style. When I throw on a nice ensemble, maybe just a nice t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, people think I'm dressing up, especially if I have on my usual 80s inspired jewelry. However, I don't feel that I'm dressed up. In fact, this look, and most of my casual look, are dressed down versions of what I love to wear. However, when I get dressed to go out with my friends, I want to wear heels and a skirt and get really glam, or even shorts and heels. However, they wear jeans and flats or jeans and sneakers, or even skirts and sneakers. Am I wrong for feeling like I shouldn't be judged so harshly for wanting to be me? Is it wrong? This is not a sob story, it's just I'm at a point where I truly don't know what to do about my everyday style. Do I just wear what the hell I want and say screw the comments? Or do I continue to "dumb down" my style to be tolerated by my conservative community. Actually, the whole city is conservative except for the crazy weaves the other African-American women wear. Ugh, this is sounding like a sob story, I'm going to stop now. But please leave comments on how you feel about it. Just don't be too harsh please, that's all I ask.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely day and all goes well. Thanks for dropping by and check back for some other features I'm working on :)

Song of the Day: "Love All Over Me" by Monica

Sarah Jane


  1. You should wear what you want!!! Style is a personal choice, who are they to judge you, your friends may be comfortable in jeans and a tshirt but you are comfortable in your heels so wear it and dont think about it. As long as you are happy nothing else matters.

  2. Looking good in shorts - I have forgotten to bring any with me to uni, so annoying!

  3. Wear what makes you happy! Don't let people's criticism get you down. You have GREAT style and you know it!:)

  4. I know exactly how you feel. In my little town, dressing up is a simple skirt, tee shirt, and flats. And to me, that's a casual outfit. Very casual! I started branching out when I found chictopia and started wearing the clothes that I wanted to wear. I still get the, "maggie, why do you ALWAYS have to look nice?" speech from people at school, especially one friend in particular who just doesn't understand, but wearing what I want makes me feel more confident. And know that all of us bloggers are here to back you up!! Wear what you want :)

  5. love this top!
    and i know what you said.. here sometimes people criticize my style.. here they wear jeans and t-shirts! yukk! but anyways. im still being me :D

  6. i say screw the comments!! sometimes i like playing dress up with my clothes too and then when im about to go out, i try to alter them by changing my heels to flats.. or having a cardigan instead of a blazer, for practicality and comfort sake (i do commute a lot).

    i think that you should always feel comfortable with what you are wearing. i say go for what you love and dont care about what people will say.. i mean, besides, you can't please everyone, right? "D you look fabulous and as long as you feel that way yourself, no one has the right to make you feel down.


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