Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coach Leopard

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Old Navy Brown T-Shirt
Random Brown Leopard Scarf as Headband
Old Navy Medium Wash Skinny Jeans (rolled cuff)
Coach Brown and Multi-Pattern Patchwork Sneakers
Walmart Gold Hoops
Random Amber and Gold Heart Necklace with Rhinestones
Fabuless Gold Bangles

Okay, so I've been nauseated for the past few days since taking this medication :/ However, I could not just sit around and let the infection win. so, I reorganized my room and cleaned it :) I found things I had lost, as well as cleaned out some stuff to give away. For example, I have a huge bin full of bags, and I went through them and founds ones I used to wear but ended up replacing them, thinking I didn't have that color lol. Inever really was one to do an inventory of my wardrobe but I am working on that once I get better. I am not the only one who wasn't feeling well yesterday. Amerie threw up three times yesterday. I'm thinking she's had too much junk food via my older sister who babysits her. She's always on the go so I'm sure she doesn't get a proper meal, even though I send stuff with her. I am going to make a better effort. I'm a first time mom, I make mistakes.

Thanks for reading and following!

Song of the Day: "Chocolate High" by India Arie ft. Musiq Soulchild

Sarah Jane

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  1. I hope you and A get better soon! Those sneaks are cute!

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