Friday, June 18, 2010

Florals + Black/Gold


Wet Seal Pink Floral Dress $10
Rainbow Black Studded Belt $12
Go Jane Black Platform Strappy Heels $10.99
Wet Seal Black Satchel with Gold-Studded Bottom $24.50
Gifted Black Bowler Hat $0
Random Gold Doorknocker Clip-On Earrings $1
Forever 21 Black Wooden Cross Necklace $4.80
Random Black Lace Gloves $2

So, about my day, its been boring yet interesting. When I first walked outside, a lot of people on my street that walked by kept staring as I took photos, mainly boys :/ The dress is definitely shorter than I expected, but it’s hot as heck here in Florida so I managed. Then, the wind started coming and I could feel the strong breeze. The trials and tribulations of a plus size recessionista lol. The dress is from Wet Seal, only paid $10 for it. It’s so feminine so I had to toughen it up with black and gold accessories. I kept it a little girlie with the platform sandals and lace gloves though. The necklace is my new addition to my wardrobe. I got it because i was inspired by Kookie. She wears a cross necklace that’s beautiful and I just felt it was missing in my life lol. The bag I had to buy. I’ve been wanting an Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffel for the longest. I found this replica at Wet Seal for $25. That’s what being a recessionista is all about. Now not many people wear this bag, but my good friend Aphrodite has one and she wore it so well. Thanks for the inspiration love!

So today I'm feeling a little better. It's about damn time, right? I have bad acid reflux for some reason today though, so I don't know, no spicy foods today. I think the taquitos did me in this time lol. Also, I cleaned up my room and looked on the internet for some inspiration. I've been wanting to dress more, well, daring but have been fearful. However, I love fashion and I am not going to let my fears get the best of me anymore! Hence why I have this short dress on with the heels. I am wearing my necklace for the first time as it just arrived at my doorstep today, along with my skirt and ring. I also am wearing the new bag I got for the first time today. I plan on wearing them together a lot :).

So, another love life update: Still just friends with the guy. I really like him and want more, but I fear he doesn't feel the same. I don't want to ruin our friendship by asking him, so I am going to just keep them to myself and try to be the sexiest friend he has, lol. What can I say, my legs don't lie :) I also have another player in the game. He plays soccer, which is a first for me. I usually talk to American Football players or basketball players (just by coincidence) but he's really nice so far. I think he wants to get under my dress though, which is not gonna all.

So, I've been thinking about taking a new approach to my blog. I was thinking of going back to putting prices on my items because I pride myself and represent myself as a recessionista, yet I never tell you all how much I pay for things as a sign of proof. So, that's what I plan on doing now, as you can see above. Now, mind you, some prices are rounded up or estimated because I do have things from a long time ago and I have a bad memory lol. I do know that a lot of my ensembles are under $100. I try to at least maintain that :)

Thanks so much for following and reading!

Song of the Day: "Rockstar 101" by Rihanna

Sarah Jane


  1. WANT your whole outfit! I defintely see the inspiration you got from Kookie! Chic Chic Chic!

  2. I'm loving those shoes, they are perfect with this outfit!

  3. Your legs are bangin, and I love the belt and shoes!

  4. Finally I've found your blog sarah! I'm already following you in all possible ways, and about this look, come on you are amazing. you shouldn't hide this amazing legs in pants, I mean it!
    By the way, this is lizmoura from chictopia :)


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