Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wet Seal White Pocket Tank Top $3
Thrifted Lee Denim Shorts $5
Rocket Dog Brown Gladiator Wedges $10
Gucci Brown Satchel Purse $9
Walmart Gold Hoops (from a pack of 3) $5
Walmart Gold Necklace $9
Forever 21 Gold Bangles (set of 3) $6.80
Random Brown Bracelet $3
Thrifted Brown Sunglasses $2

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Monday and day today! I wore this today chilling around the house, but I'm changing into a white blazer and grey acid wash skinny jeans for the first meeting of the Young Adult Ministry at my church, which I am co-heading. Hopefully everything will go well and we will have a nice turn out. I cut the shorts a tad shorter, hence why the cuff is smaller than usual. I was trying to cut them so I couldn't have to cuff them, but it's not quite working out. I'll try again soon though :) I wanted to try something different with my hair because I always have it down. It took a lot of effort (my dreadlocks are very thick) but I got it all up there. I feel so free especially when I wear hoop earrings :). I just wanted to do something casual and chic. Oh, and this is my Gucci bag that I adore. I got it from a resale shop for $9. It's authentic and vintage, I love it!

So, tonight, I am going to see the premier showing of Eclipse at a local movie theater. I am so excited, I don't know what to wear. I kind of want to wear my new boots from Goodwill. They are Harley Davidson lace up boots, since I can't afford Docs. I paid $30 for the boots, because I ordered them through Shop Goodwill, and the shipping was mad expensive :/ I love them though. I may do a rocker look or I will do a casual glam look. I haven't decided yet. Actually, I have some inspiration boards that I will probably do and then I will pick from them. I don't read the books like I should, but I'm determined to at least read the first two by the end of the summer. I hear the books are better than the movies.

Thanks for the advice from my last post. I have decided to just remain friends with my ex. Hopefully he will understand that and not think that we are in a relationship. I just have a complicated love life you guys. I crush hard and I really just need to probably be alone lol. For example, another man just gave me his number when I was at the grocery store. I am one of those women who can't say no to nice guys, and then end up having 5 guys who think we are more than friends, when I'm not even interested in them that much. Hence why I feel like I need to be alone. The problem is, I'm so used to being in a relationship, I feel that when I'm not in one, I need to jump into one. However, despite it all, my daughter has and always will come first. I don't let my daughter meet them unless I feel they are genuine and true. And since I haven't felt that way about any of the guys I've dated, looks like I probably will be alone.

Well, I have to go soon. I need to mentally prepare for this meeting. Wish me luck that everyone is dedicated to building a strong group. Thanks for reading and I have two songs today. One is "Love Dealer" by Esmee Denters and the other is "Praise Him In Advance" by Marvin Sapp.

Sarah Jane


  1. yay for eclipse! I'm watching it tomorrow at our local movies theatre premiere at midnight :P uuh sounds nice to me. You look terrific! Love the relaxed/boho looks you are trying!

  2. $9 gucci? wow, that's incredible!! enjoy eclipse!!

  3. My girllll you are THE DIVA with this outfit HOT,HOT,HOTTTTTTTTTT. Enjoy the movie. LOVE


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