Monday, July 26, 2010

Dance Forever

Faith 21 Grey Grommet Shoulder Top $19.80
Urban Outfitters Olive Green Skinny Cargo Pants $29.99
Wet Seal Olive Green Gladiator Sandals $8.00
Payless Black Studded Hobo Bag $24.99 Silver Bamboo Hoop Earrings $1.99
Walmart Silver Watch $10
Family Dollar Bangle Bracelet $1.50

I have great news involving my laptop! The man fixing it for me said he was able to retrieve a little over 90 percent of my data from my dying hard drive :) He said a lot of music files and photos were retrieved, which makes me feel a little better. I won't know what exactly has been retrieved for a few more days. I am definitely going to be paying him, as well as my mom. I am so thankful and am constantly praying everything will be okay by the time I start classes.

I wore this to my mom's office today, but it's definitely something I plan on wearing to class. I love this sweatshirt top, it's fun with the grommets. I purchased it from Forever 21's plus size line, Faith 21. The skinny cargo pants are a recent purchase. It is my first purchase from Urban Outfitters, as I never thought they would have anything in my size. These cargoes were in the sale section and only came in 6, 8, and 12. Of course, I'm a 12 and seized the opportunity to own them. I haven't owned a pair of cargo pants in almost 7 years.  I didn't mean to be matchy-matchy, but I've been wearing my black gladiator sandals entirely too much, so I decided to wear the olive green ones. I grabbed my trusty studded crossbody hobo purse and some coordinating accessories to complete my casual look. It's been so hot in Florida, most days have been spent in the house or wearing t-shirts and shorts.

I also have a little bit more news. I am going to New York City in October for a two-day class. I decided to make a big decision in my life, and will be gone for a weekend in October. I will be taking my best friend with me, as I don't want to stay in a hotel room alone lol. If anyone lives in New York City and wants to do a mini meet-up/shopping day, just leave a comment and maybe we can work something out. I also hope to do a little partying after class :) I have no idea what to pack, but I'm thinking it may be cold so my leopard print vest, navy trench coat, and black leather bomber jacket will be essentials during the cold weather.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Don't forget I am working on a blog shop (the link is on the right sidebar). I have also been helping my mother sell her handmade jewelry at a local flea market. Things are going great, and if you are ever in the Tampa Bay Area, let me know, and I will let you know where the flea market is. Again, thanks for following, and I will be doing a post with potential looks for my NYC trip!

Song of the Day: "Dance Forever" by Allstar Weekend

Sarah Jane


  1. hi doll- i love this outfit on you! totally chic! i got the package- thank you soooo much! i'm sorry that it took me so long to thank you. so double thank you! xo- karrie

  2. I just found your blog because I was googling these pants I ordered. I always like to see if anyone has something I'm buying so I can get a REAL look haha! And now I'm glad I bought these pants! They look great! Love the blog and I've only seen a little, think I'll look around some more! :)


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