Thursday, July 22, 2010

Te Amo

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Thrifted Floral Shirt (as a blazer) $4
Faith 21 Beige Tank Top $3.50
Rainbow Black Full Skirt $12.99
GoJane Black Platform Strappy Sandals $10.99
Thrifted Beige Purse $10
Random Gold Stud Earrings $12 Gold Bangles $1.99

I really miss my laptop you guys. I haven't had my own laptop for the past two weeks now, and it's so aggravating. I miss staying up as long as I want to study new trends and do my fashion posts. I miss checking my Chictopia and my favorite blog sites here. But thankfully, the guy fixing my laptop is still retrieving files from my dying hard drive. Please continue praying that everything will be recovered.

I decided to wear a floral button front shirt as a blazer because the shirt is too busy for my larger bust. I have worn this shirt as a regular shirt in my post Florals and Denim, as well as Relax. I am not afraid to wear things more than once, just like I've worn this skirt and shoes before on the blog. However, the purse is a new item I am debuting finally. I bought this purse in 2009 and have yet to wear it until now. I love wearing bigger tote bags, so this smaller purse is hard to manage. I really don't know how often I will wear it, but I love the style, so 50s retro. I also love these platform sandals, they are the black verson of the white ones from my last outfit post. Again, not the most comfortable platform heels, but they are so fun to wear. Once again, wasps were attacking me again, I hate this Florida weather, it's bringing out all of these nasty critters lol.

I've been undecided about what I want to wear my first day of classes. My campus is rather, well, typical college campus. The sea of sweatpants, tank tops, cheer shorts, and flip flops never fails, while the girls who do get dressed are either way too matchy matchy or they act so stuck up because they are dressed in suits and classic pumps. Now, I love a great suit and classic pump, but I'm 21, I'm still young, and I want to experiment with my style. Being that I want to go into the fashion industry, my style is rather different from the average college student. I know going back this fall, people will probably look at me like I have three heads, but it's ok. I am finally dressing for me, and not for everyone else :)

Here are some looks I came up with for the potential first day outfit.
The military trend is still holding strong, and with the addition of leopard print, it just creates a powerful look against the basic t-shirt. Adding a tote with unexpected studs at the bottom adds to the appeal of the look. Who says school has to be boring?

A punk twist on a basic striped dress. Lace up boots and a studded bag add just enough rock edge, while the bowler hat and embellished shoulder jacket borrow from the 80s. To keep things somewhat appropriate for school, avoid ripped stockings and go for regular sheer ones. Silver jewelry incorporates the hardware in the bag and jacket.

The double denim trend gets an update with a light wash vest and dark wash ripped jeans. Adding a basic white shirt keeps the look casual. By offering a flat or platform shoe option, you can determine how glam you want to go. Keep with the leopard print trend by adding a tote in the signature print. Gold accessories compliment some of the hard wear in the denim vest, as well as look great with the leopard print tote.

This year, the re-introduction of the little white dress has occurred, and what better way to make it classic and feminine by wearing all black and pearl accessories. Black tights, oxford flats/brogues, and a classic shaped tote help the dress to stand out and look classic. The feminine theme continues by adding pearls, every classic woman's best friend.

Go back in bohemian chic! A great printed maxi dress belted accentuates curves, while the wedges give you height. Over-accessorize here for a completely earthy glam look.

Thanks so much for following and commenting on my last post! I hope everyone has a great weekend, if I don't do a styling post tomorrow lol. I'm going to head to sleep, as it's 1:40am and I have to be up early to sell my mom's jewelry at the flea market. I will have my mom's Ipod Touch to check out other blogs and comments. Also, don't forget to spread word about the blog, I will be doing a giveaway once I get to 50 followers. Thanks again!

Song of the Day: "Te Amo" by Rihanna

Sarah Jane

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