Friday, July 9, 2010

Virtual Insanity


Thrifted Newport News Gray Boyfriend Blazer $10
Wet Seal White Stretch T-Shirt $5
H&M Medium Wash Destroyed Boot-Cut Jeans (rolled up) $30
Qupid Beige Platform Pumps $22
Thrifted Burgundy Leather Clutch $3 Gold Bangles $1.99 for set of 6 bangles
Ring Hand: Claire's Gold "Peace" Two Finger Ring $4
Left Hand: Thrifted Gold Ring $3

Hello everyone. I am up late posting here once again. Today was pretty eventful. But before we get into that, let's talk about the outfit. I've had these H&M jeans for about 4 years now. I was in love with boot cut jeans, mainly because they balanced my large bust. However, I've been wanting cuffed jeans for a while, and rather than buying another pair of jeans, I decided to just roll the boot cut pair. It kind of created a boyfriend-style jean. I love the idea of dressing up a t-shirt and jeans with a blazer, pumps, clutch, and metallic jewelry. I decided to stick with more neutral tones, except for my lipstick. I can't help but wear a bright colored lipstick. This time, it's a coral tone :)I am wearing stud earrings, but they are sort of small so you can't really see them. A typical casual look in my opinion.

Exciting news! 1) I finally shipped the items to the winners of my giveaway that was months ago. Hopefully they will be arriving to them within the next week or so. 2) I finally am working on my online store. Not all of the items have been listed yet, but you can check out the five that have. The shop link is located on the right sidebar, or you can click here: Shop Sarah Jane Closet. Check out the shop for more details. Hopefully the prices aren't too bad, although shipping was hard to keep cheap :/ I hope those who would support Love, Fashion, and Finding Me would also help promote the store. I try to sell the items for half of what I paid for or less, depending on how old it is. I only have clothing right now, but I will be adding shoes and accessories soon. The sizes are limited to what I wear, but accessories have no specific size (except rings, hats, and belts).

Now on to some not so exciting news. I have yet another dilemma. I feel that I am growing apart from my best friend of almost 7 years. We had a very troubling altercation about a month ago and ever since then, I've noticed things about her that I don't like. I mean, there's always been some behaviors that made me tick a little, but I figured we would grow out of it. However, almost 7 years later, and these annoyances are getting worse. I don't want to throw away our friendship, but I feel that the woman she is becoming is not going to mesh well with the woman I am growing to be. I think the best thing I can do is to just slowly separate myself from the drama that seems to always be existent around our friendship and focus more on pushing myself forward. I have put my own needs and things to do on the back burner in order to spend time with her, and most of the time spent, though fun and memorable, is not pushing me forward financially, physically, or occupationally. I guess it's time to grow up and handle things differently.

Thanks so much for following and reading. Again, check out my blog shop, Shop Sarah Jane Closet, daily for new adds of merchandise. Also, be on the lookout for another giveaway soon. All that's left now is to leave you with a throwback song of the day, inspired by my title.

Song of the Day: "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai

Sarah Jane


  1. Oh girl, how can i tell you i feel the same about my bestfriend of 6-7 years! Imean i love her and we ahve so much things in common, but this vacations she is just like "I WANT TO BE MY BOYFRIEND ALL FREAKING DAYS" and i'm pissing of so badly, i mean i'm just here in my hometown for 2 months and she can f'ckn do an excepcction? Gaah, but idk what to do :/ if i push her she gets mad and if i'm like "whatever" i feel sad :(. I hope the things with your bff gets better and you may have to talk about the theme.

    Chaning the conversation, i loved this outfit and i like the idea of putting things online for sale! Goodluck!

    p.s. did you get your camera? i think your pics are better!

  2. Hiii.

    1. I got your package in the mail today. thank you so much!

    2. I hope you don't mind, but I thanked you on my blog and I used some of your pictures from your blog (to show off your style)

    3. I am sorry to heat about you and your friend. I've totally been there and those situations are no fun, it's like going through a breakup with a guy. Honestly, if it is bringing you down, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find positivity from somewhere else. It's hard but I think in the long run you will be happier.

    <3 Lianna J


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