Monday, July 12, 2010


Thrifted Men's Denim Shirt $4
Thrifted Men's Multicolored Shorts $5
Forever 21 Black Platform Peep Toe Sandals $12.99
Thrifted Red Clutch $5
Forever 21 Black Beaded Flower Ring $3.80

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I actually had fun this weekend. But first, the outfit! I love that everything is thrifted or from Forever 21 because I usually shop at those main stores. Goodwill is truly my best friend. I haven't worn these crazy colored shorts in about a year, and decided it was time to show them off and style them differently than I did the last time I wore them in the "Quick Post" post I did last year. I love the print of them, and come to find out, they are actually swim trunks. So now I know, if I'm every at a party, and I want to take a dip, I can swim in my shorts :) I just got these shoes from Forever 21 on sale and I love them. I'm sure once I break them in more, I'll be wearing them all of the time. I kept the accessories simple because the shorts deserve the spotlight.

I've been working on getting measurements for items for my online store, as well as adding a part of it. I will also be selling unique, semi "one of a kind" pieces of jewelry that my mother is making. I will post the pictures on Shop Sarah Jane Closet as soon as she gets a little more inventory. This also ties into another second giveaway. Once I reach 50 followers, I will be working on a giveaway of some of my mother's unique pieces that she designed and made by hand. They truly are great pieces, and I will have photos soon to show you. Once again, you will also be able to purchase pieces on Shop Sarah Jane Closet as well. I had been going to Plato's Closet to sell some of my clothing, but they have been not so forgiving as far as the pieces I want to sell. Hence, why I am selling mine on my own :) Sorry there's not much up yet, but I should have some more things posted by the end of this week.

So yesterday (speaking of Plato's Closet), I went to church as usual, amazing sermon by my pastor. I am also now going to be responsible for delivering a Bible Study lesson for the Young Adult ministry on Wednesdays. I'm petrified because I feel as though I am not as strong in my faith yet to do this, but I also feel this will bring me closer to Him. Then, I sold some items that still had tags on them in my closet to Plato's Closet. I only got $14 for it, however, at least I was able to give some to my friend for gas money. Today was a sort of rough day. I got in an argument with my friend. Again, it's taking me back to the last post I did about friendship. I don't know, I'm not perfect, I do fly off the handle very quickly. However, when my patience has been worn thin, I get very agitated and I can't help but let my frustrations go free. Of course, my friend and I always make up at some point, but after a while, it get's old.

Well, I won't worry you all with my friendship drama. I do want to thank everyone for reading and following (if you so choose to). I am just a tall, big belly girl living in a flat stomach world, lol. Check out my shop during this week as I will be posting more items for sale, including accessories! Again, thanks for the support and in honor of my crazy shorts, the song of the day is "Boyz" by M.I.A.

Song of the Day: "Boyz" by M.I.A.

Sarah Jane


  1. I loved too much this outfit! I was planning to shop that sandals but then, idk why i didn't... they're gorgeous!

  2. i love your shoes! and isn't platos awesome? I find so much stuff there :)


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