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Outlooks Yellow V-Neck T-Shirt $5
Old Navy DIY Boyfriend Jeans $19
Wild Diva (via AddictedFashion) Leopard Print Booties $15
Walmart Turquoise Beaded Necklace $9
Thrifted Gold Stone Ring $3
Gifted Gold and Rhinestone Round Ring $0
Claire's Two Finger "Peace" Ring $4

Hello everyone, hope you all have been having wonderful days so far. I'm still working on getting my laptop fixed so until then, I have still been trying to use my mother's work laptop and her iPod Touch (to keep up with emails and Chictopia). I really think this is not having a positive effect on my blogging abilities, but once my laptop is fixed, I will be able to update as often as possible :) But about the outfit and title. So, I had been wearing the t-shirt and jeans for most of the day and decided to jazz it up with the leopard print booties and jewelry. I think the yellow must have been attracting the mother wasp that's been flying around in our garage lately. She kept attacking me and I had one too many close encounters with it, so I ran inside. I even had a picture of me running away, which I deleted immediately. There are just some sides of me you guys should not see yet lol. Pretty much a spur of the moment photo shoot lol.

So, I had my interview with Macy's yesterday (Tuesday). I was really excited for it and I hope I get the job. In August I will have been jobless for a whole year, and it has not been easy, especially with my shopping problem. I have pretty much cut myself off from shopping from now on until I wear all of the clothing in my closet that I do own. I need this job a lot, because I don't know if I will get enough of a refund after my financial aid is disbursed for Fall semester, and that's what I've been living off of for the past year. I don't really want to have to rely on loans again, so hopefully, I will get this job, and keep it.

I have been doing a lot of DIY projects with some of my jeans. This pair is one of a few that I've done with pants. I will definitely be posting some photos of my DIYs soon. I just really needed a way to update my wardrobe without spending money. I used to have over 30 pairs of jeans, but over the course of time, I've changed them into two pairs of shorts, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and a pair of bleached jeans with rips and tears. I also have turned a pair of trousers into a pair of shorts, and plan on making a pair of cuffed trousers out of another pair. I I have also been working on reworking some shirts, but that's harder so I am refraining from that for right now. If you have any easy DIY tips for big t-shirts at all, leave a comment with some info on how-tos :)

I want to thank everyone who has been following, as well as re-iterate that I do have a giveaway that I want to do involving one-of-a-kind jewelry once I reach 50 followers, so please spread the word about LFM! I am also finally going to be able to do fashion video posts as well so be on the lookout for that. I plan on working primarily in my local mall as well as small boutiques around my town. Again, thanks for the support and be on the lookout for some new features soon :) Also, I want to thanks LiannaJ of Designer Jeans and Ramen Noodles for doing a thank you/feature of me on her blog! Check the feature out, as well as her fashion posts, here.

Song of the Day: "Your Love" by Nicki Minaj

Sarah Jane

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  1. Hi Sweets.. those shoes are ridculously- AMAZING! Totally love! Thank you so much for the message! I guess I haven't checked my mail in almost a week. So I'll definitely check it today. xo- karrie


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