Friday, August 13, 2010

Embrace Your Curves and Stand Out!

(Sorry for the blurry second photo, but I thought the pose was cute lol)
Thrifted Sag Harbor Red Blazer $6
Faith 21 Red Wild Color Spotted Top $19.80
Faith 21 Indigo Blue Essential Jeggings $10
Forever 21 Black Open Cut Platform Pump $12.99
Forever 21 Black Raised Dot Bangle $3.80
Family Dollar Black Thin Bangle $1.50
Girlprops Wrapped Gold Bangles $6.99
Forever 21 Beaded Flower Ring $3.80
Forever 21 Jeweled Cocktail Ring $3.80

I live in a city where style is about 2 years behind every other city in America, even in Florida.
I live in a world where finding stylish clothing for plus size girls used to amount to mumus and elastic waist pants.
I live in a country going through a rough recession, where people are going from enjoying life to wondering how they can afford to live.
People look at me and wonder, "How can a size 12-15/XL-1X plus size 21 year old who attend college while raising her daughter stay stylish?"
I kick down boundaries, and I love it!
Many of my thinner friends looked at me with disgust because I wore thrifted blazers, skinny jeans, mini skirt, high waist "mom" shorts, and sky-high heels to class, just because I felt like myself in them. I mean, why should my size determine whether I have style or not? That is something i have battled since I had my daughter almost 3 years ago. I used to think being skinny was the only way for me to be stylish. The only way people would respect my style was if I was a size 8 again, not a size 12-15. However, I have proven at my school that no matter what size you are, you can make it work, and you can have great style. I have had other plus size girls on campus ask me where i buy my clothes, and are shocked that I say Forever 21. Faith 21, Forever 21's plus size line, has allowed me to explore options I normally wouldn't try. I wore bright colored tops, shorts, mini skirts, and looked tasteful. I even had some of the thinner girls turn their heads and smile.
This year, I plan on wearing my new favorite trend, jeggings. They are so comfortable and can go from day to night. I love wearing mine with loose tops and blazers keep the look crisp and polished. However, I am not one to just wear neutral colors. Red is a huge color for fall, and it's one of my favorite colors (besides purple).
I am entering this contest not just to showcase my style, but to encourage other plus size women out there to embrace your curves, You want to wear a purple pencil skirt with a bright green t-shirt tucked in? Wear it! Love the military trend and want to wear a military jacket or skinny cargos? Wear it! No matter what size you are, you deserve to stand out. It's hard to go against the norm in school, especially in a sea of Hollister sweats, tank tops, and Rainbow Flip Flops with "signature designer logo" purse. But at the end of the day, it's all about being who you are. Sometimes, standing out can also mean standing up.
I'm not going to stop walking around campus in bright thrifted blazers, high waist bottoms, skirts, and heels, but instead I am going to embrace my curves and stand out!

This was my entry for Chictopia x Forever 21's Back To School contest. I posted it here because I want other women to be inspired to try things you haven't tried before. As an aspiring stylist/image consultant, I feel that image is everything (as cliche as it sounds) and showcasing your best "you" at all times is important. Plus, I know you've all been waiting for an outfit post from me, lol.

Thanks for all of the support thus far. I will be doing a giveaway once I reach 50 followers, so spread the word about Love, Fashion, and Finding Me! Thanks so much for reading, and this song goes out to inspire every woman to "Stand Up!"

Song of the Day: "Stand Up" by Various Artists from the Stand Up 2 Cancer Benefit 2008

SN: Everyone should involve themselves in a great cause, because sometimes, helping that oen person when they are down can change their whole aspect on life.

Sarah Jane


  1. u look great n i so hope u win it...dats right skinny gurls u betta watch out lol

  2. I love how you embrace your curves! You look Fabulous! Your use of color is Great and you wear it so well:D

  3. i want your shoes!!! i love your blazer.

  4. Amazing outfit!! So my style. Lovely blog by the way.

    Hope you come visit and follow my blog.


  5. great outfit! the bold color of that blazer really pops. :)


  6. Love this! The color combo is great, and those jeggings are amazing!

    Lexy of BeautyFash


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