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These were photos I took of NYC while I was in the taxi to the hotel and leaving the hotel. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to take any photos while walking around because I kept getting lost lmao! The part of town I was in I believe is near the Flatiron district. Definitely unique style there, wish I had captured it :( I was there for two purposes though...The School of Style, held by Luke Storey, and The Evolution of Curves Fashion Show Tour Event and Fundraiser. I will be doing my review of the fashion show in a different post. This post is dedicated to my experience at The School of Style class, held at The Ace Hotel.

In the last photo, it features the buttons to flush the bathroom in my hotel room. There's a half flush button and a full flush button. I still don't know what a half flush does, I didn't even bother with it lol. The hotel cost about $867 for three nights and 4 days, which is pretty expensive for me. But, I didn't want to risk getting lost though. The service there is amazing, which is why it's so expensive. It's a trendy hotel with a great restaurant within it called The Breslin. I will post pictures of my breakfast from my phone soon. It was delicious but again, expensive as hell. My dinner alone was a little over $25 for a lamb burger, steak fries, and two ginger ales :/ I would suggest the Quizno's, Subway, and Dunkin Donuts nearby for more affordable meals.

(I am wearing a thrifted red blazer $6.99, Forever 21 black and white striped dress $19.80, gifted black bowler hat $0, Strawberry black chunky knit circle scarf $15.99, random brand white watch $10, Forever 21 black raised dot bangle $4.80, and random brand black stone ring $4. Total Look: $61.58. I have on boots but you can't see them lol)

This class is essential is you want to go into the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist. You learn the business side of it, which is where many people slip up when deciding on working in this industry. If you don't know how to handle the business side, you will fall victim to being used and cheated out of well deserved money. Luke Storey shed light on some of the tricks and easy solutions to some hard problem, such as filling out request forms, reviewing material before you read it, as well as some information on how to learn about fashion. This two day course allowed me to gain information that I would have had to learn the hard way to get. I am so thankful that I decided to attend the class. For $375, you definitely get your money's worth. I have a feeling that $375 will end up coming back to me if I handle my business right.

The class forced me to realize that if I am going to go with this career choice, I have to make some changes. The first one I will be doing is creating a separate website for my styling posts. I will definitely still blog here, but this will be more of a personal blog, whereas my new sight will be specifically for my styling efforts and work. I also finally figured out what I really want to do, and that is personal shopping/styling. I want to help CEOs as well as the everyday person, organize their closets, pull together ensembles, and help them shop smarter for items that they can get the most wear out of, as well as have great quality but at an inexpensive price. I want to help people shop smarter by providing them with their own style profile, as well as the tips on how to know whether to splurge or save (some people still don't know how to do that). Whether someone has a shopping budget of $100 or $5,000, everyone deserves to have a fantastic wardrobe and be able to show off their personal style.

If you are interested in signing up for The School of Style (which you definitely should if you're interested in being a wardrobe stylist), click on the name of the school to go to their website and sign up. They have great deals for taking more than one class. I wish I had done that so I could go to the LA class to do the second and third class, but I couldn't afford it :( I wish they had like a scholarship or something lol.

I had an amazing time in NYC, thanks so much to everyone I met, including people in the class, as well as people who helped me find my way on the streets of NYC lol. I hope to come back to NYC very soon! And check back tomorrow for my review of the Evolution of Curves Fashion Show!

Sarah Jane

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