Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Come Back To Me

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 Been listening to a lot of 80-90s music lately. I just love those decades of R&B/Soul. Those were the times when sensuality and sexuality were turning from completely subtle to overt. I also love that romance was so important in love songs during those decades.
 Finally got the setting that I need in order to have less blurry photos :) I took these after class, since it wasn't pitch black outside yet. My accounting class was cancelled, so I only had once class today. Then, I just have tomorrow's night class and then it's Veteran's Day, meaning no classes! Talk about a short week.
 Really digging this guy I'm talking to, but not really trying to be in a relationship :/ I think I'm over traditional relationships, I need a change or someone to prove to me that relationships actually are good for me lol. Loving the single life and just having fun with flirting.
 I caught myself mid-dance move for the above photo. Can't even lie though, I kinda like it :) Also, I'm sad to say this is the third pair of tights that I've gotten a run in. Time for me to stock up on some more :(
 I'm kinda loving these shoes. I ended up replacing the original peep toe booties I had and getting these. The platform is so comfortable and I love the modern edge they give this look. The shorts are a DIY of a pair of pants I got from Ebay. I hated how the pants fit, because I wanted them to be tapered, but they were like a wide leg on me. So, I cut them and hand cuffed them into shorts :) I love the color with the gray blazer.
 I am excited to say that I will be trying to do more Cheaply Chic posts, as well as Inspiration Boards posts, mainly to show off my styling skills. If anyone has inquiries about professional jobs, you can contact me here by leaving a comment. If it's something personal just let me know and leave your email, and I will email you ASAP :) Thanks so much for viewing my page, I'm working on ways to make this more innovative with time. Thanks to everyone who follows me, it means a lot that you want to keep me in your reading lists. I think I'm doing better as a blogger now, finding time to blog everyday. However, I must inform you all that Finals Week is coming up for me, so I may be absent again :( But I will try t post at least twice a week as it gets closer to Finals Weel.
Wearing thrifted Newport News light gray blazer, Old Navy white t-shirt, thrifted Jones New York DIY pleated high-waist shorts, George black opaque tights, Red Circle via Traffic Shoes black buckle side ankle peep toe booties, gifted black bowler hat, Charlotte Russe rhinestone/silver stud earrings, Walmart silver watch, and gifted silver flower ring.

Song of the Day: "Come Back To Me" by Janet Jackson

Sarah Jane R.

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