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Cheaply Chic: Nicki Minaj

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Okay, many of my friends know I love Nicki Minaj. Like, if I was a lesbian, I'd totally try to get at her lol. I love her flow and what I adore the most is her style She dresses like a real life Barbie doll. I would kill to be her stylist and work with her on trying new looks (plus the shopping would be amazing!). So, in honor of her album, "Pink Friday", releasing November 19, I wanted to bring back one of my earlier segments, Cheaply Chic, by doing four looks from the femcee herself. I have taken the liberty to do both standard size versions and plus size versions of each look, because you can be a "Barbie" at any size :) So, without further delay...Cheaply Chic: Nicki Minaj

Louis Vuitton Barbie
Every Barbie must have a signature designer look. Nicki Minaj has claimed to be a "Shopaholic" and rock the best designers, and we see that here where she's rocking an amazing Louis Vuitton purse (while her security guard carried her other LV bag). Here, minus the LV logo, we get similar shapes and concepts for under $175 in each look.

Wet Seal Taupe Studded Shoulder Wrap $21.50
Forever 21 White Fab Ribbed Layering Tank $5.50
Forever 21 Black Pleather Leggings Rib Trim $15.80
Forever 21 Taupe Voila Cut-Out Heels $26.80
Forever 21 Taupe Soft Leatherette Handbag $32.80
Forever 21 Gold Elastic Panel Bracelet $9.80
Forever 21 Gold Romania Beaded Bracelet $8.80
Forever 21 Love and Beauty Magenta Nail Polish $2.50
Total Look: $123.50

Torrid Ruffle-Front Cropped Jacket - Khaki $48.00
Wet Seal Plus Basic Amber Cami - White $7.50
Torrid Black Matte Faux Leather Legging $25.00
Torrid Faux Suede Hilda Taupe Pleated Heel $39.00
Forever 21 Brown Alligator Leatherette Bag $29.80
Forever 21 Gold Elastic Panel Bracelet $9.80
Forever 21 Romania Beaded Bracelet $8.80
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Magenta Nail Polish $2.50
Total Look: $170.40

Shoe Game Barbie
Nicki is known for having crazy shoes. I mean, if I could replicate every shoe I've seen her wear, I'd probably be in shoe heaven. Whether they are Louboutins, Giuseppes, Dior, Chanel, she rocks them all so well. In this photo, she's wearing Giuseppe Zanotti heels, and i must say, those shoes are crazy! It's only right that when recreating this look, the shoes has to be just as amazing as the dress. Nicki is rocking a custom made dress by LaQuan Smith. Some may say rocking two statement pieces at once is a fashion no-no. However, as long as the dress has simple structure, what's rock with a crazy shoulder or embellishment with an equally crazy shoe? The best thing here, the looks cost barely over $100.

ASOS Motel Applique Detail Body-Conscious Dress $68.96 Qupid Catwalk-84 Mesh Studded Bootie $34.40
Total Look: $103.36

ASOS Curve Dobby Mesh Panel Ruched Sleeve Dress $44.82 Qupid Gaze-122 Ruffle Open Toe Sandal $26.90
Total Look: $71.72

Casual Barbie
Nicki doesn't always have to rock an outrageous outfit in order to look fierce. Here, she's wearing simple black with a great black and white cropped top. This is a look that can be worn out with friends or even to school. By layering a tank top under the crop top, you make it go from ultra sexy to subtle seduction. What's great is that you can achieve this look for under $100

Wet Seal Blue/Red Boxy Crop Jacquard Sweater $22.50
Charlotte Russe Black Reversible Seamless Cami $7.50
Forever 21 Black Pleather Leggings W/ Rib Tim $15.80 Black Wild Rose Viena-01 Strappy Bootie $12.40 Wrist Length Black Stretch Gloves $4.99
Total Look: $63.19

Torrid Open-Knit Dolman Cropped Cardigan - White $29.98
Wet Seal Plus Black Basic Amber Cami $7.50
Torrid Black Matte Faux Leather Legging $25.00 Black Wild Rose Viena-01 Strappy Bootie $12.40 Wrist Length Black Knit Gloves $4.99
Total Look: $79.87

Pink Barbie
Nicki Minaj wears a lot of pink...period. She rocks pink manicures, pink lips, and pink clothes. So this look is definitely a typical look that she would rock while promoting her album and music. What's great is that instead of doing a super crazy all over pink ensemble (much like her look in the collaboration, "Check It Out"), she rocks pink nails and a pink top, while keeping the rest of the look black and adding crazy gold jewelry. These looks can be replicated in an inexpensive way. The looks here don't cost more than $170.

Wet Seal Pink/Black Butterfly Scroll Tank $14.50
Forever 21 Black Cargo Denim Pants $24.80
Forever 21 Black Leatherette Boots $26.80 Gold Heart Door Knocker Earrings $8.99 Gold 1.25" Wide Double Link Aluminum Necklace, 36" $16.99 each (get two) Gold 1/8" Wide Bangles, Set of 6 Bangles $12.99 each (get two) Gold Bigger Boombox Ring, Adjustable $15.99
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Magenta Nail Polish $2.50
Total Look: $153.54

Torrid Ruched-Front Poplin Tube Top - Hot Pink $29.98
Forever 21 Plus Black Woven Harem Pants $22.80
Forever 21 Black Leatherette Boots $26.80 Gold Heart Door Knocker Earrings $8.99 Gold 1.25" Wide Double Link Aluminum Necklace, 36" $16.99 each (get two) Gold 1/8" Wide Bangles, Set of 6 Bangles $12.99 each (get two) Gold Bigger Boombox Ring, Adjustable $15.99
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Magenta Nail Polish $2.50
Total Look: $167.02

There are key things to consider when trying to achieve a Nicki Minaj look. Here are some pointers to take with you:

1) Spandex is your friend. Nicki loves a great legging in any shape or form. The key is to find out if that is the look you love. Some women are not comfortable wearing leggings as pants. So, if you want the same look, but don't want to feel self-conscious, wear skinny jeans that have some stretch in them, or even skinny pants with stretch in them. You still achieve the slim fit pants look without feeling like your curves are showing a bit too much.
2) Slim fit tops are great for small waists, but not everyone can wear it. I featured looks that were definitely form fitting, because Nicki loves showing off her curves and small waist. However, I know i don't have a small waistline, as well as many other women out here. So, the secret to creating the small waistline ad creating curves is to wear a slightly looser top that hits at the hit with a wide waist belt. It works wonders for us women who have a larger waist than hips. You can wear the top over those slim pants I mentioned before and it will give you seriously great curves.
3) Statement shoes and bags will instantly make you a "5 Star Chick." Now, I am not encouraging buying all designer shoes and bags, because i am a true recessionista and that would go against my rules of shopping. However, having a few investment bags and shoes will extend the life of your wardrobe. As far as trendy shoes go, definitely don't splurge on them. By not splurging, you can get maybe 3 pairs of crazy heels that you can interchange with 3 pairs of classic heels, and keep everyone guessing which is high and which is low. Websites like Urban Originals, Go Jane, Cutesy Girl, and Ami Clubwear offer great selections of shoes at affordable prices. Also, Forever 21 and H&M have great designer -inspired shoes.
4) Costume jewelry will be your "Massive Attack" weapon. Nicki Minaj has access to the best of the best when it comes to gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, and those luxury jewels. However, for women like us, we cannot afford those prices. Costume jewelry and wholesale jewelry stores are great places to get the funky jewelry for less. Try local ethnic beauty supply stores, as well as websites like Girl Props and Fabuless. Forever 21 and other chain stores like this carry crazy rings and jewels for inexpensive prices, usually under $10.

Remember, the key to great style is to have great basics. Never go cheap on great basics, but always go for less when it comes to trying new trends, or even emulating a celebrity look. For more Cheaply Chic features, check back here at Sarah Jane R. Styling!

Nicki Minaj "Right Thru Me"

Sarah Jane R.

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