Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back To Basics


 Hello loves, hope you are all having a great Wednesday! I am so thankful for the support that I have received thus far in my barely over a year of blogging. As the new year is approaching, things will be changing for me. I have my first styling project in January, as well as a potential second project. I also am going to be working on a fashion show for my school (I was approached about it). With success comes loss. I recently ended things with my best friend of 7 years two months ago. I have since forgiven her for the bad things that she did to me, but I won’t forget, nor do I want or need her in my life anymore She has served her purpose and it’s time to get some grown-up friends….but I digress.
 I have been doing laundry for the past few days now :/ I never realized I had so many clothes. I will officially not go shopping until I really see what I need or don’t need. I’ve been giving away and selling clothes, yet I still need to get rid of some things. I guess i am getting older and growing out of certain stages. I feel like I can finally put a label on my personal style: S.J.R. I love thrifted pieces, as well as store brand items. I have at least 100 pairs of shoes in you include my flats and sandals with my heels, boots, and sneakers. I have two closets, one for daywear and one for evening/workwear, yet i wear things from both to school. Christian Louboutin is my ultimante favorite shoe designer, and the day I buy my first pair, I will put in my will that I want to be buried with them, or my daughter can inherit them :)
 Oh speaking of heels, I definitely fell down two steps in my 5 inch platform pumps :( I sort of messed my foot up. I can feel it when I twirl my foot around where it hurts. I guess I will have to wear flats until it heals. Okay, so these boots aren’t flats but they aren’t 5 inches so…Anyways, this look is my way of going back to basics. It’s still cold outside so once again, I braved the cold for this photo. To me, sometime you just need a few standout pieces to make a look work. My jeweled drop earrings and cocktail ring are my way of adding glam to this casual look.
 I am extremely excited for Christmas because I have been able to stay within budget for gifts and still get nice things for people. I am also excited for Amerie to enjoy Christmas more this time. Now that she can talk, she can tell me what she likes, so I know what to get her. Of course, she wants outrageous things like a sports car (for adults) that she saw in a magazine, but maybe I can get her a nice play car :)
 I think you all are going to be seeing an evolution in my style. I feel that I love combining elements from different style types. I love wearing jeggings with an old Bongo sweatshirt with lace up boots and glam jewelry. I love “ghetto fabulous” jewelry with a LBD, patterned tights, and 5 inch heels. I guess i just love accessories a lot.I could wear the same t-shirt and jeans and change the look up with accessories, bags, and shoes. In fact, that leads me to one of my features I will be doing on my blog and here. I will be doing that for 2011. I also plan on participating in the 30×30 challenge (pick 30 items to wear and create different looks for those 30 days).
 I really want to thank everyone who just shows me love here on my blog. As I’ve said before, I come from a small town where being stylish is being matchy matchy and wearing designer or wanna be designer styles. When I walk around campus, people either compliment me or they look at me like I am a clown. When I post on my blog or my Chictopia account,  I know that I can converse and connect with people who have had the same issues I have and actually embrace my style. I love you guys a lot. And I use love because it’s true. Without you all supporting and even leaving a simple comment, or just viewing my blog, I would probably just drop my fashion dreams and assimilate with my town. I am blessed to be able to be in the presence of such style icons and style movers and shakers. Thanks so much for just accepting me for me.
Wearing a Bongo sweatshirt from my mom’s closet, Forever 21+ black denim look leggings, Forever 21 heather gray ankle socks, thrifted Rampage brown lace up boots, brown gifted Kenneth Cole Reaction purse, Forever 21 red jeweled drop earrings, and a red jeweled cocktail ring from a random wholesale jewelry store in NYC.

Song of the Day: "You Aint Got It (Funk That)" by Nina Sky

I gotta say, I love Nina Sky's new look and sound. I will definitely be coping this album :)

Sarah Jane R.


  1. hooray for nina sky! and it's too bad your hurt your ankle, hope it feels better. It's really too bad bc those boots look awesome! xx

  2. I loved this entire post. The part about your ex-Best Friend really spoke to me because I recently ended the friendship between me and my best friend of 7 years, also. I ended it right after thanksgiving when I realized there was just not reason to be friends with someone who's selfish and uncaring. Like you, I've forgiven, but not forgotten, which means no anger (thank God). Anway, I digress, I love the outfit, especially the boots, and your style is stunning. Keep it up chica.


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