Friday, December 17, 2010

Want You To Make Me Feel Like I'm The Only Girl In The World

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I can smile sometimes lol. Hope everyone is having a great Friday, TGIF right? I am currently at my mom's jewelry shop, you can check out her online store. It's Jewelry by Jennette and she has amazing handmade and repurposed pieces. My mom's physical stand is located at The Marketplace of St. Pete. It's a pretty big place and there's a lot of nice shops here. They even have a vintage designer store :)
 I wanted to do an outfit post of my current outfit because it's very nautical casual, but I did not have time to do it this morning and the lighting here looks really horrible on film :/ So, I decided to post these pictures to compensate for not posting this look. I may try to take some photos later on today and post it soon :) This was one of the colder days this month. I feel like I should have put my leopard print vest on with this. What do guys think?
 I've been obsessed with these lace up boots. They don't have an extremely high heel, which means i can walk around the city in them. I also love them because they were only $12 from Shop Goodwill. I had to bid on them but they were totally worth it. I haven't seen anyone with these boots so they feel so special. Plus, the rugged feel of them gives me bad ass but in brown :)
 I finally have a business Facebook! I have all of my business details for Sarah Jane R. Styling and I am thrilled that I am finally making moves. I have prices that vary from $25/day or $100/week, depending on what it is I am working on. Of course, I can do photo shoots if people need help with that (if it's out of state, I need enough notice in order to travel and make arrangements). I really hope this personal styling/personal shopping business works out for me. I truly feel it is my calling, as there have been many signs along the road to getting to this point. It's time for me to embrace it.
 So, I have been working on going back to basics, like I mentioned before. It's really so much fun to just embrace an effortless style of dressing. I love my big glam looks, but really, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of woman. The only difference is I like mine with stilettos and crazy urban jewelry. I love my bamboo hoops, long chains, piles of bangles, and cocktail rings. But lately I've toned it down a bit. I truly dress by my mood.
 So if I remember correctly, I was supposed to do a giveaway post for getting 50 followers. Well I have 56 so this is long overdue now. I will be posting a giveaway on Monday. It will be a piece of jewelry from my mom's collection. It's perfect for yourself or for a gift for the holidays. More details will be shared in the giveaway post. I do want to thank you all and if we reach 60 before Monday, I will even add an extra into the deal :) You know I love you all, so thanks you to the readers, followers, and viewers.
 Well, I gotta get back to this work. I really wanted to do a photo shoot today. However, tomorrow, I think I will do one for Amerie :) I know you guys love seeing her toddler style lol. I hope to have a bunch more pictures on here showcasing her individual style. She's starting to become more interested in what styles she likes and doesn't like. She's a little diva at heart (she came by it honestly). Thanks so much for reading, following, and viewing. If you have any inquiries, check out the Sarah Jane R. Styling Facebook and or email me. Again, thanks for the support and I hope you all have an amazing Friday!
Wearing Old Navy black v-neck sweater, Urban Outfitters olive green skinny cargos, thrifted Rampage lace up boots, Strawberry black thick knit circle scarf, gifted gold studs, gold stretch bracelet I bought in NYC, and Forever 21 gold and clear cocktail ring.

Song of the Day: "Only Girl (In The World)" by Rihanna

Sarah Jane R.

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  1. Very cute boots!! Thanks for joining my Florida Bloggers group on IFB :) Great blog! Congrats on 56 followers! I just got up to 59, so I am happy :)

    Kirstin Marie


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