Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bass Down Low

 Hey everyone! I hope you are all staying warm and ready for this weekend's almost Christmas! My mom spoiled one gift for me by telling me she's getting me cash. But she did mention she got me something else that I really wanted so I will be up early Christmas morning.
 Lately I've sort of rediscovered myself. I have been trying to figure out why my life has been at a stand still for so long and the conclusion in clear now. I have so many plans for 2011, it's kind of ridic. I am determined to lose some weight to better my health. I also have projects to work on so it will be pretty freakin amazing. I am staying positive and happy for the rest of this year and into 2011. I refuse to have another crappy year.
 I've been wanting to debut these boots for a while now. I got these from Shop Goodwill. They are Harley Davidson motorcycle boots, but they look more like combat boots to me so that's what I am calling them. I got them at a great price due to my bidding style on there. They have great things at pretty low bidding prices, you guys should check them out.
 So, as I've said, I am still sick :/ And I found out Amerie has a stomach flu :( I was worried about her, which is also why I didn't take any outfit pictures. She had been sick for a few days, but the doctor said to just let it run it's course and she will be fine soon. She still isn't eating much, but she is drinking fluids so just pray for her please.
 I don't like being a saddened mom, so I am going to switch gears. Some of you all may recognize this jacket. I have worn this jacket in "Late Night Posting", and in the post about my 21st Birthday. Well, I've been working on customizing some of my clothing, and potentially turning it into a small business venture for myself. I worked on this jacket for two days and did the studding by hand. I am so proud of it! I feel it looks more rocker now with the studs, totally fits what I wanted in my closet. 
 I've really been digging this pink lipstick. I think it suits me well, even though I love red. Everyone has been rocking red lips lately, and I'm not one to follow the leader. Hence why I have been rocking pink lips. It's just an alternative to the popular red :)
 Okay guys so we did it! 61 followers! Thanks so much to all of you guys who follow me, it truly means a lot to me. I also appreciate all of the readers, because some of you don't have blogger and can't follow, but you still check me out everyday (at least my friends I know do lol). I couldn't have done any of this without your support. I try my best to follow every person who follows me because it's the principle of receiving and giving. Speaking of giving, I will be doing a giveaway either Thursday or Friday. I will make my post specifically about the giveaway and also do an outfit post :) I hope you all participate because I am actually giving away some special pieces.
 Okay, so I am thinking of getting rid of my gorgeous black hair...color lol. I want to dye it burgundy. I'm not just talking about the ends, I'm talking full on burgundy hair :) I really don't want to have to bleach it, so if any of you know how to dye dark hair without bleaching it or even a way to lighten my hair without bleaching it, I'd be so thankful. I really want a change for the new year, I feel it will be my year because my mind is in a better place now.
 I love you guys so much! You all inspire me to keep going and to test the boundaries of being a middle size woman. If you want to get to know me other places, you can find me on Chictopia (my badge is on the right sidebar), Twitter, and Facebook. I hope to be able to connect without all. Especially Twitter and Facebook because I will start doing giveaways on there as well in the future. Love you guys!
Wearing a Forever 21+ black motorcycle jacket with custom studding by me, Max Rave black and white striped tunic tank, Candies black liquid leggings, thrifted Harley Davidson black combat boots, silver heart shaped bamboo hoop earrings, silver bow ring, and random jewelry store silver and rhinestone circle dome ring.

Song of the Day: "Bass Down Low" by DEV ft. The Cataracs

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Your styling skills are superb! Not overdone, it is simply Perfect!!! I will definitely pray for Amerie. The stomach flu is NO FUN! Also lovin the pink lipstick and I really want to see your hair in burgundy!

  2. I like the edgyness in your outfit. Where did you get the jacket from?
    And thank you so much for your lovely comments. And a big thank you for following. Really appreciate it ;)

  3. I recently became in love with Far East Movement, DEV, and the Cataracs! Like a G6 is my favorite song now. I have big plans for 2011 too! I'll see you at the finish line!

  4. Your boots are amazing :D

  5. Hey there!! Thanks for visiting me! Thought I'd drop by and see what you were up to. Hope you and Amerie had a great Christmas (and that's she's fully recovered from that flu by now!). Loving that studded jacket! You look great! I really need to come up with some New Year's, I have them in my mind, but def need to write them down and keep them in front of me for constant reminders..perhaps I'll immortalize them forever on my blog soon. hahah. Anywho, fabulous as always! See you soon!



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