Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Other Side

 Sorry for the late post. The market where my mom has her jewelry stand had no wireless internet today :/ I was thoroughly pissed but found ways to keep myself occupied. I was a pretty slow day despite the fact that it's Christmas Eve Eve lol.
 It was nice and halfway warm yesterday, and now it's back to being cold. I decided to dust off this jeweltone sweater that I adore. I've posted a look with it once before. It's so cozy and warm and perfect for the windy day. I wanted to play up the colors in the sweater with soem colorful bangles that I've collected over time. Yes, they can be cheesy, but if styled the right way, plastic bangles can be cool :) I also decided to break away from the typical dark wash jeggings I usually wear and threw on some grey ones. All in all, a great casual look for Florida winter weather.
 So, I have decided to get on a plan I like to call , "Alternative Eating." Basically, I am going to eat the healthy version of what I crave. Instead of fried chicken, I'll get baked rotisserie chicken. Instead of a key lime pie, I'll get the Yoplait Key Lime Yogurt. You guys get what I'm saying right? I have gained a lot of weight since I've been blogging, mainly due to the fact that I use food to relieve my depression and anxiety. However, no more damage to my body. I hope that by following my "Alternative Eating" lifestyle, I will not only be healthier, but I will feel happier. Wish me luck with the eating and I may even make it apart of my blog to show my progress. I am not ashamed to show my not so skinny body and I feel maybe it will help those who want to eat healthier be encouraged to do so. It's not so much about getting skinny so much as to get back to my natural curvy healthy weight :)
 I am so excited because I finished another hand-studding project. Thanks for the compliments on my jacket :) I am like a proud mama when it comes to my customized pieces. I finished a pair of peep toe pumps. They kind of remind me of a in the front, party in the back lol. Okay, that was hella cheesy, but IDGAF (I don't give a f...). I hope to do some thrift shopping and customize some more pieces, especially a few plus size items. I feel like everyone deserves something a little rocker or glam. I hope to do jeweled embellishments as well as adding other elements to simple pieces to glam or edge them up. When I get enough pieces done, I will actually be selling them so be on the look out for that.
 Tomorrow is the giveaway post so please check for tomorrow's post. I will have two winners and I will be leaving it open for the rest of the year. That's right, tomorrow's giveaway will end on New Year's Eve and I will announce the winners on New Year's Day! So please definitely check out tomorrow's post. I am excited because I am actually giving away pieces that my mom made. She makes handmade jewelry with beads and different stones. Both pieces are simple yet very pretty :) If you want to check out her other pieces, she has an Etsy shop. It's Jewelry by Jennette. Check her out, she also does custom orders too. 
 I've really been into this Nina Sky "The Other Side" album. I feel like it's their best work and if they keep making music like on this album, they are bound for success. It's got a mix of everything. They even did a cover of "Love Song" by The Cure, and who doesn't love that song? You should definitely give their album a listen here. I may be doing a more specific review of the album soon so be on the lookout for that. Yes, I know this is a fashion/styling blog, but music and fashion go hand in hand in my opinion. Plus, Nicole and Natalie have killer style. Just beyond sick and crazy cool,
 Thanks to all of the followers, viewers, and commenters. I know I always thank you guys at the end, but it's because I feel like you don't have to come back each time. No one is forcing you to, yet you guys still do. It truly is an honor that I can grab your attention, even for a few seconds. My dream is to style and soon I will be able to post my actual work. All of this wouldn't even be possible if it wasn't for you guys :) Thanks so much for the support, and don't forget about the giveaway tomorrow!
Wearing New Look olive anorak, thrifted jeweltone sweater, Charlotte Russe grey jeggings, Charlotte Russe black ankle booties, gifted vintage gold clip on earrings, thifted gold chain-link necklace, and assorted colorful bangles from different places over time.

Song of the Day: "The Other Side" by Nina Sky

Sarah Jane R.


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