Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inspiration Boards: New Year's Eve

Now, we all know I am on the smaller side of plus sizes. However, I tend to cater to styling for plus size women because it's so much harder to find the right looks in our sizes. So, I decided to create some inspiration boards featuring outfits perfect for this New Year's Holiday celebration. Hopefully all of my plus size fashionistas, as well as standard size fashion fiends enjoy the styling choices I made. Feel inspired and get glam ladies!


A great blazer in a shimmery fabric works like magic with a sequin skirt. By adding a floral top and flirty accessories (flower detail heels, croc clutch, bow headband, and elegant black jewelry), it's a great alternative to the party dress that still has a great wow factor with each element.

Everything from Forever 21
Blazer-Forever 21+ $32.80
Blouse-Forever 21+ $22.80
Skirt-Forever 21+ $22.80
Shoes $24.80
Clutch $14.24
Bow Headband $1.50
Earrings $4.80
Flower Ring $3.80
Cocktail Ring $3.80
Total Look: $131.34


Color is definitely a great way to ring in the New Year. By mixing purple, mauve pink, and turquoise, you get the perfect color mixing without looking like a crazy person. By keeping the rest of the elements neutral (silver, grey, and black), it keeps the look classy. Patterned tights and tweed make a sexy splash for the look. The hat can keep you warm and works as a great way to hide wild hair after leaving the party.

Everything from Forever 21
Jacket-Forever 21+ $32.80
Top-Forever 21+ $17.80
Skirt-Forever 21+ $19.80
Tights-Forever 21+ $6.80
Shoes $25.80
Clutch $17.80
Hat $14.80
Earrings $2.80
Necklace $9.80
Bracelet $10.80
Rings Set $4.80
Cocktail Ring $5.80
Total Look: $169.60


Lame is a very vibrant fabric. It's instantly give you the party girl vibe no matter how it's worn. This dress is no exception. The purple lame is both elegant and fun. A belt at the waist creates curves and also enhances them. Adding a faux leather jacket keeps the look cool. Patterned tights, platform pumps, and edgy/classy jewelry add the perfect touches to this "party all night" look.

Jacket $19.75 at Wet Seal (Plus Size Line)
Dress $24.80 at Forever 21 (Forever 21+ Line)
Tights $6.80 at Forever 21 (Forever 21+ Line)
Shoes $25.80 at Forever 21
Clutch $22.50 at Charlotte Russe
Earrings $6.80 at Forever 21
Bracelet Set $4.80 at Forever 21
Stone Bangle $6.50 at Charlotte Russe
Flower Ring $3.80 at Forever 21
Ring Set $4.80 at Forever 21
Total Look: $126.35


An alternative to matchy matchy is to wear colors that compliment each other. The only matching should be with jewelry, in order to keep the look from going to mismatched. A cream trench coat keeps you warm while adding edgy elegance to the look. A leopard print dress is perfect for a night out, giving you a wild factor. By pairing it with a bold colored pump and a softer colored clutch, the look is unique, eclectic, and still sexy.

Jacket $21.25 at Wet Seal (Plus Size Line)
Dress $22.80 at Forever 21 (Forever 21+ Line)
Shoes $32.50 at Charlotte Russe
Clutch $17.80 at Forever 21
Earrings $2.80 at Forever 21
Necklace $12.80 at Forever 21
Bangles $4 at Charlotte Russe
Long Ring $6.80 at Forever 21
Pearl Ring $5.80 at Forever 21
Total Look: $126.55


Another fun party dress and this time, we are doing matchy matchy. Something about the dress screams for a matching colored shoe, and with floral details, who can resist? Adding a motorcycle jacket adds some toughness to the look, while elegant jewelry give you the night glam every girl wants.

Everything fron Forever 21
Jacket-Forever 21+ $24.80
Dress-Forever 21 + $24.80
Shoes $24.80
Clutch $14.80
Earrings $6.80
Necklace $12.80
Gloves $5.80
Bracelet Set $4.80
Cocktail Ring $5.80
Flower Ring $3.80
Total Look: $129.00


An alternative to dresses and skirts is a sparkly top and leggings. You still get the going out factor without restricting your dance moves. By pairing it with ankle boots and a faux leather trench coat, it keeps you warm while in between clubs, as well as adds a rocker feel. The purse and jewelry are girly, yet the color of the bag, along with a feather headband, add extra color, also coordinating with the sparkly top.

Jacket $21.25 at Wet Seal (Plus Size Line)
Top $22.80 at Forever 21 (Forever 21+ Line)
Leggings $14.50 at Wet Seal (Plus Size Line)
Boots $29.80 at Forever 21
Purse $19.50 at Charlotte russe
Headband $5.80 at Forever 21
Earrings $2.80 at Forever 21
Bracelet Set $4.80 at Forever 21
Flower Ring $3.80 at Forever 21
Cocktail Ring $3.80 at Forever 21
Total Look: $128.85

Good luck with finding your party looks! What will you be wearing for New Year's Eve/Day celebrations?

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Great looks! I love the pink chain purse in the last set with the boots! I'm going to be wearing this cute dress I bought from Zara a couple weeks ago for New Years and I'm so glad that it is starting to warm up so I don't freeze! I'm still on the hunt for some cute shoes a la Fashionnerdic ;)

  2. interesting post :) really great outfits :)
    looooooove it!!!!!!!

    nice blog,

  3. I actually have that hot pink bow! I got it three years ago, I wear it before my lacrosse games to remind me of my fabulous girlie side!

    Look five fits my style the best, however love the other looks as well! GOOD JOB! =)


  4. ooh I love the dress from look 3 but look 5 is my total fave :) Great job! I love getting all gussied up for the holidays :D xx


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