Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good week so far. I also hope you all are enjoying the sales this week. I am still dealing with my allergies, they just will not let up. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will hopefully get something to help it. I'm probably suffering from a cold too :/ Then again, I was taking these photos in the cold so I guess that wasn't bright lol.
 I've just been wearing what I feel like wearing lately. I know some bloggers actually put a lot of effort into their outfits and getting the perfect shot. I just wear what I feel like wearing for the day and keep it going. I get stared at a lot when I dress how I do, but I don't care. I live my style, not just for photos, but for real life.. Now today, this is something I would have worn had it been warmer outside and if I wasn't just staying at home. But a las, these allergies are kicking my butt. Damn cats. I like cats, but there are like 30 of them that stay around my house for no reason but to cause me to have an allergic reaction :/ it sucks. 
  I've been feeling the socks and heels trend, especially with sandals. I was also tired of wearing pants and wanted to wear a dress. I just wanted to feel a little girly and sweet. I have worn this dress in a tougher look. But everyone loves versatility in their wardrobe, right? Speaking of versatility, you all should check out the giveaway I am having, Those necklaces are one of a kind, so unless you replicate them, the are original pieces. You should definitely enter it, it's a simple question you have to answer and that's it :) My mom does her own work and everything she does comes to her at that moment. Again, enter the giveaway by December 31, 2010 in order to be in the running for one of two necklaces!
 So I asked my mom instead of giving me cash, could she get me the shoes I want for Christmas because that's where the cash would go anyway. And she actually agreed :) So I need your help. I either want to get a pair of wedge sandals in black or I want the black wedge booties. I don't know which ones to get. I think black wedge sandals would be more versatile because I could wear them in the summer and winter, but I'd have to wear them with black socks in the winter. However, if I get a wedge bootie, I can't get as much wear as I would like when it gets warmer. I think I may go for a peep toe wedge bootie, the best of both worlds. I'm not sure.
I am actually dealing with another issue as well. Remember that best friend I ended the friendship with about two months ago? Well, she is trying to make amends in order to not have any drama into the new year but I am skeptical about it. It's hard to trust a friend when they hurt you so bad. I don't think I can ever be as good of friends with her as I used to be, like on a sisterly level. I just have been thinking about it since she texted me yesterday. I just don't know, it's too much to worry about and I have a lot more things that are important to deal with. I just, right now I can't deal with that. Plus, life's been pretty decent without her, so I don't know. We'll see.
Thanks so much for listening to my ramblings lol. Also, don't forget the giveaway. I really want to give those necklaces a great home. Also, I've been listening to a lot of alternative R&B, especially Janelle Monae. I recently discovered an album with amazing music that was not released from 2003 by her, called "The Audition". I have a favorite song on the album (I've been YouTubing a lot lately). It's called, "Time Will Reveal".  Check it out below :) Thanks again so much for the support and check back here for some holiday looks :)
Wearing a Wet Seal white lace tee, Wet Seal beige and pink floral dress, Forever 21 heather grey ankle socks, ASOS beige wedges, random large gold hoops, a gold watch from a random jewelry store in NYC, Ashley Stewart gold bangles, Charlotte Russe coral pink flower cocktail ring, and Forever 21 gold and clear cocktail ring.

Song of the Day :"You" by Janelle Monae ft. Scar

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Such a lovely outfit! so Girly and Chic!!!! I hope your allergies go away! I have terrible allergies myself. Also diggin the socks and shoe trend as well and I had THE SAME exact issue with a friend. If your life is truly better without her then it is best that you don't associate with her

  2. Lovin' those wedges! Alllmost ordered the same ones, but didn't and currently regretting that decision. :-/ Boo. Sorry about those cats. My ex has one cat with such terrible dander that even I got allergies. And I'm not allergic to anything! Crazy. Anywho, feel better, get some hardcore allergy meds er a cat trap er something. ;)

  3. u look great i love that ure not afraid to wear wat u want....go sarah!!! n dont be frenz with her again...same thing happened to me...its like it cld neva b da same xoxo

  4. Oooh cute dress! and those wedges are adorable! About your friend situation, i think you should just do what you feel is best, i hope everything works out in your favour! xx

  5. Really pretty outfit!! You have great legs, btw. Allergies stink...I have mine year round since moving to Florida...:P

    Thanks for your lovely comment!! :)

    Kirstin Marie

  6. Such a cute outfit hun, the wedges are super fab! All the best with the friend situation, I've definitely had one of those!

    Stay gorgeous!

  7. that dress is absolutely adorable on you!

    I just found your blog and am following....love it!


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