Monday, January 24, 2011

Hard Work

 She rises before the sun.
Her job has just begun.
She gets her baby ready for school.
Doing her best to just keep her cool.

 She walks her to her school bus to start her day.
Then off to her bus to work her time away.
Manual labor provides money for her home.
Since she's had to do it on her own.
 She finds happiness is the smile of her child.
And sometimes, let's her own imagination run wild.
Dreams of having the perfect job.
Her own company, her own brand, being her own boss.
 Each day she get's closer to her dream.
And she knows everything is not what it seems.
She fights for it by attending college, bettering herself
Rows and rows of textbooks remain on the shelf.
 Each day passes in a complete blur.
She knows there's things she's missed for sure.
But her determination to provide outweighs the bad.
She's a student, worker, mom, and dad.
 Though times are hard and days get rough.
Over the years, her body, especially skin, has become tough.
The tragedies in her life no longer make her frown.
But instead the success she has turns it upside down.
 Though some days are crappy and she's misunderstood.
She hopes to love someone hard, better than anyone could.
She has faith that everything won't always be berserk.
But her faith means nothing without hard work.

Hard Work by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011.
Wearing Thrifted fuchsia blazer, Old Navy kelly green v-neck t-shirt, Charlotte Russe royal blue striped mini skirt, Qupid via beige platform pumps, Vintage gold clip on earrings, Gifted "Wisdom" gold charm necklace, Forever 21 gold owl charm necklace, a gold watch from a random wholesale jewelry store in NYC, and a Gifted gold burst cocktail ring.

Thanks so much for the support on my blog you guys. If you haven't notices, the link for the blog has changed. Due to some issues i had with GoDaddy's hosting, I canceled my original domain name and signed up for one through Blogger. The official website link is now I hope everyone can remember to change it if they have me on their blog roll or have posted anything with my blog link :) Again, thanks so much for your cooperation during this name change. I still consider my blog Sarah Jane R. Styling, as that is my styling company name, but I figure the link is shorter which is easier to remember to type :)

Hope everyone had a great Monday! I am extremely tired from my new job, still have tons of planning for the fashion show at my school, and tons of homework. I will try to blog everyday like usual, but if i don't please forgive me. This is such a hectic time for me. Bear with me :) I love you all and thanks so much for being there for me.

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. You look gorgeous! I don't even know where to begin. It is just perfect. Simple and cute at the same time!I'm so jealous of you for living in Florida. It is so cold here in The Netherlands:(
    Well job done! I love your poems and that you're doing something with this special talent!

    Meda from

  2. great blog, is really something.
    check mine, and if you like it follow me and i will follow you :)

  3. i like your blazer! :-)


  4. Nice outfit and great color combination!



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