Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She Is You

 Tough as nails.
Hard as a rock.
Never bails.
Always follows the clock.
 Built Ford tough.
Always wants to win.
You better have good luck
If you want her to let you in.
 Intelligent like a genius.
Yet funny like a joker.
Willing to become apart of an "us"
Yet afraid that the other half will hurt her.
 Style that has no label.
Addicted to fashion for true.
Yet she works hard cause she's able
And doesn't let her bills get past due.
 She's not just one woman.
Most of you assume it too.
She's every woman, man, and child,
And she can be found inside you.

She Is You by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011
 Thanks so much for checking out the post. I always thank everyone at the end of the post because it's in my nature to be thankful and understand how much you all mean to me. I realize now that owning my talent is what I should do. I love fashion and poetry, and I am glad to share it with you :) Again, thanks so much for the support and again, if you have my on a custom blog roll not associated with Blogger, my new link is www.sarahjanerstyle.com. Thanks again, love you guys like you're my family :)
Wearing a New Look olive green anorak, Old Navy white boyfriend pocket tee, Wet Seal light wash denim destroyed shorts, Forever 21 dark grey ankle socks, Thrifted Rampage brown lace up booties, Forever 21 beige satchel/tote, Vintage gold clip on earrings, Vintage gold chain necklace, Girlprops.com gold bow ring, Gifted gold burst ring, Forever 21 gold and clear cocktail ring, and a gold watch from a random store in NYC.

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. one of my fav color palettes!
    military chic...

  2. Really cute outfit!! I'm diggin your coat & shoes!!!


  3. So cute! Glam rings with army = ADORE!!!!

    Sarah, darling, did you change your website address? I had a different one bookmarked and I panicked when I couldn't find you! lol



  4. I love this glam military look, it looks chic and casual but those little heels really take it to another level!

  5. i always seem to wear these colours together, they work so well together! love this look! :)

  6. i love this casual look. fabulous jacket!


  7. Love the shorts and the boots..I love the color of ur jacket,i am crazy over that color..Love ur blog,didnt know u started blogging also..hehehe..I just got back blogging and also in chictopia..see u around Darling..

  8. I looove the military style. The boots and jacket really makes it look good!


  9. you look fresh and stylish, love the parka!!!!



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