Thursday, January 27, 2011


 Look at you, who do you think you are
Trying to take away my shining star.
You've got some nerve thinking you're too cool
When all you will ever be is a stereotypical fool.

 Day in and day out you flood my mind with negative energy.
Why did I accept your friendship again? How dumb of me.
To think that people all have genuinely kind hearts
When all you wanted to do was use my body for vicious darts.
 I won't stoop to your level, I'm too kind for that.
But if you want to continue hating me, I can live with that.
I know not everyone will be a friend of mine.
But I know people will respect me in due time.
 Maybe it's not so much that you hate me so
Maybe you just wish you could go the places I go
Maybe you lack self confidence in who you are as a person
So you continue to disrespect other, spreading your poison
 Have fun being rude, and hurting others by being "real"
But I'm too smart for that, I already know the deal.
So here's to you, let's toast now instead of later.
To you, who friend requested me, my number one hater :)

Hater by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011
Wearing a TipsForTeens jeweltone sweater, Wet Seal black skinny jeans, Qupid via Body Central red platform pumps, Liz Claiborne black bucket purse, Family Dollar black turban, Body Central gold layered chain necklace, Ebay gold watch, and gold bow ring.

The poem is self explanatory. I've been dealing with some people who are just negative and I can't stad for not saying something. I am pretty confident in myself, so I usually brush off negative people. But in a world where there's already so much negativity that we face, why are people still continuing to be ruthless and believe they are being "real". Being a real person is accepting people for their flaws and staying away from them if you don't like them, not attempting to embarrass them, only to make your self-confidence go up. But I don't want to focus my post on negativity. Hence, this poem is dedicated to the underdogs who don't care what people think and continue to embrace the positive and negative people for just recognizing their presence. Think of "haters" as another category of "fans". People who hate on you spend their potential last time on Earth on being negative towards you. Isn't that sort of special?

Thanks for all of the support on my blog thus far. Aagain, if you know anyone who follows the blog or has it on their blog roll, please let them know that the URL is changed to Thanks again and after Friday, I will hopefully be able to do a haul post with a video :)

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Awesome shoes, they remind me of a pair of Brian Atwood shoes I saw in Gossip Girl a few episodes back ;)

  2. LOVE! Turbans have been my LIFE for like the past 4 or 5 months! Can't get enough! ;)

    Alexa Rae xx

  3. cute shoes!! the thing that really got me though was "So you continue to disrespect other, spreading your poison" i loved that line, it's so spot on how negative people are almost poisonous! great poem, and what a great attitude you have on life! :)

  4. Rocking the turban girl!!!!!!! I want to get me one of those!!!


  5. Lovee this outfit!

    The colors in the sweater with the shoes are absolutely immaculate !



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