Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Goodbye

 Wearing thrifted Worthington yellow blazer, Old Navy white boyfriend t-shirt, Urban Outfitters olive green skinny cargoes, Qupid beige platform pumps from, thrifted cream leather quilted purse, vintage gold clip on earrings, Max Rave pink plaid scarf, and Walmart gold stretch watch

The valley of the shadow of death
Looking around and there’s no one left
Feeling alone, she journeys though the world
Wondering if she’s not just the only girl.

People are dying around her dropping to the ground
She screams every night remembering the terrifying sound
She’s dazed and confused as to why this has happened.
This is also when her sanity begins to end.

This time she went to sleep and woke up disturbed
Looking around she realized she was no longer in the world
Lights shone bright as she was lifted towards the sky
She said hello looking up, and looking down said goodbye.

Hello Goodbye by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Sorry for the extremely short post, but I've been crazy busy. Between planning the fashion show, school, Amerie, and starting my new job, it's just been really hectic. I am however excited because I am still doing pretty well with my exercise and "alternative eating". Hopefully it will start to show soon, as I am excited to shop again soon lol. I am a shopaholic so to tell myself not to shop when so many beautiful trends are going on, it's killing me. I've already messed up once. I am trying my best not to anymore lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and be ready for Runway Friday tomorrow. Starting in February, I will we rocking the Spring/Summer 2011 runway looks, I am so excited for it :)

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Fab-you-lous colors! I think I'm wearing the same pants right now except I got mine at forever 21! haha

    and the purse simply chic...

    new follower!
    check at my blog and follow if you like


  2. Love the casual trousers mixed with the more formal blazer! <3


  3. Cute, casual look. I love the green paired with the yellow! Pretty!!


  4. I love your style, its so fresh and unique!


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