Friday, January 7, 2011

Runway My Way: Moschino A/W 2010-11 RTW

Yes, it's back and official! I am so pleased to be bringback Runway My Way Fridays. I still have a couple fall looks to get through, as it's hella cold and I don't want to catch a cold just to wear the S/S inspired looks. So, I am starting the segment this year with Moschino.

Moschino is known for being bold. It's known for making statements. Moschino was born in Spring/Summer 1983. The 80s were about embracing the "bold and the beautiful". It is interesting to me that Moschino has revived it's original designs and styling from their first show in S/S 83 for their A/W 2010-11 show. From the cowboy stye hats to bold gold jewelry to leather and denim, it's a more stylish way of rocking the styles of the good old west. 

Now, one may find it hard to emulate such bold looks without looking like a fool. Well, as a dreamer of owning the classic Moschino belt, I actually bought a similar style belt from ASOS that says, "La Mode". It's very nice actually and I've worn it numerous times. So, it's only right that I decide to bring back this segment with Moschino.

Here's the original look:
I loved how simple yet bold it was. So, being that I had some pretty close pieces, I decided to recreate it. And this is how it turned out.
 I decided to give my Moschino inspired belt a try and the looks slowly started coming together. I think this is one of my favorite looks from A/W 2010-11. It's flashy yet not tacky. 
 Wearing Alloy white short sleeved turtleneck tee, Target black draped pencil skirt, Random black sheer tights, Wet Seal black platform pumps, Gifted black bowler hat, black wayfarer sunglasses, gold bamboo hoop earrings, Forever 21 black wooden cross necklace, Ashley Stewart gold bangles, a gold watch from a random store in NYC, black stretch gloves, and Wet 'n' Wild red lipstick.
 To emulate this look, you need the following key pieces:
1. Basic White Top
2. Black Pencil Skirt
3. Black Belt with Metallic Detail (Gold, Silver, Pewter, or Bronze)
4. Black Sheer Tights
5. Black Pumps
6. Black Hat (preferably with a wide brim)
7. Metallic Earrings (see detail from #3)
8. Metallic Bangles (see detail from #3)
9. Black Sunglasses
10. Black Tie or Necklace
11. Bright Lipstick
12. Black Gloves
 Of course, you can do so many variations of this look, it's crazy. I mean, you can throw in color anywhere, or change up the accessories. The key to getting a runway inspired look is not just making a carbon copy, but to give you ideas on how to wear different pieces in your wardrobe, I haven't worn this skirt and top in so long, but to see how well it come together in this look, it inspires me to see what else I can do with both pieces.
Thanks so much for checking out the feature. For more Runway My Way posts, check back every Friday here at Sarah Jane R. Styling.

Special thanks goes to all of the people who check out the blog, comment, view, follow, all of the above. You guys fuel me to get better at my blogging style. Again, thanks and definitely feel free to share this post as long as you give credit back to me :)

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Um, can I have your legs please? This outfit looks great on you and I love how it has the feeling of the runway look but you still threw in your personal style.

  2. I love the way you redid this, It's almost perfect

  3. hey I like this's perfect and more creative than the Moschino one:this is yours!
    I love your blog: it's amazing.
    I follow you.
    visit my blog and if u like it I hope you can do the same.
    I'm expecting for you.
    thanks, v

  4. I LOVE this look - especially that belt - you kill it!

    - Sarah @ Return to Sender

  5. I love how you styled this and made it your own! You're completely owning the outfit.

    xx - Lera

  6. WOW this is amazing. i'm stunned! it looks better on you, so much better. the details you translated into your outfit--done SO incredibly well.
    what a cool belt too!! i feel like that girl's arms are gonna break!

    love your blog! :)


  7. I love how you duplicated the look so well :) Love how the pumps look!

  8. so chic! i love your skirt

  9. great inspiration! black and white is classic and you look great!

  10. Lookin' so chic! Love the remake of that outfit. Those Wet Seal pumps are great...def need me some plain black pumps..I don't know what I'm doing without them. Guess I have patent leather quilted, open toed heels that I substitute them with..but regardless. ha..Anywho, loved your last leopard look as well. Not sure I could pull the leopard off, but everytime I walk by one of those leopard coats, I want to put it on. Ha..that haaas to mean something, right? ;) See you soon. Sorry it takes so long to get back to you. Been uber busy getting ready for my 18 credit hours of horror this upcoming semester! See you soon!

  11. I LOVE this oufit! You put it together so well and it looks good on you! :)


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