Thursday, January 6, 2011

Say My Name, Wear It Out

 Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great Thursday. I go back to school next week, and I'm definitely both happy and sad. Happy because I miss school and need some stimulation of my mind. However, I am sad because I may not be able to post as much at certain times. I hope you all bear with me though and stick it out :) I am going to try to post everyday, but they may be short and sweet.
 Ok, so I had to play with the exposure on these photos because they came out rather dark for no reason. I actually kind of like it though. Definitely gives it a different effect. Also, I am definitely loving this fur vest. It's just so fun and cool. I wouldn't change a thing about it, except maybe I might get it taken in. But by it being a little bigger i can layer jackets under it :) Here, I added a blazer underneath to keep me warmer. 
 Ok, so I thought you guys should know, I am a huge fan of the TV show "The Game". I swear the drama on that show just speaks to me for some reason lol. Anyways, if you guys have been watching BET or reading on different blogs, "The Game" is back for its fourth season on BET. It premieres January 11 at 10pm EST. So, in honor of the show, I am holding my own "The Game Premiere" house party. So far I have 6 confirmed guests. This is the first time I ever have held a party since i was a younger child. I am so excited and thankful that my sister is letting me use her nice wide screen TV for my party (it's a long story why it's at my house). I plan on having drinks and food. I have to start cleaning the house today so it will be ready for January 11.
Ok, so I need your help. I really want to add some new features to the blog, but am unsure of what people may want to see. So, here are a few of the suggestions I have come up with:
1. Runway My Way Fridays: Basically, I take runway looks that I like and recreate the look with items in my wardrobe. I have done it three times before here, here, and here. I am thinking of bringing it back this year for S/S 2011 and Pre-Fall 2011.
2. Model Monday: Okay, most people have a Music Monday, but I always post a Song of the Day in my outfit posts. So, I figured i would do Model Monday where I feature the street style of different models that I think are crazy cool. Or I may post a mixture of their street style and pictures of them on different runways.
3. Blogger of the Month: I want to start doing a Blogger of the month feature where I interview and share with you some up and coming bloggers or even established ones that I think you guys should know or may even already know.
4. Trend Reports: Again, I know other blogs who do this, but as I have been looking through different runway looks for my #1 suggestion, I have noticed some trends going on for S/S 11. So, I was thinking of doing a trend report every other Thursday.
5. Haul posts: I have done one before, but I rarely post the new items I buy.
6. Shopping videos: I am actually nervous about this, but I am thinking of taking my digital camera and making videos of me on shopping trips and showing you all what I like to buy.
7. Exercise/Dieting Diary: Now I mentioned this before, but I am actually thinking of making a separate blog for my idea of "Alternative Eating" and exercising and showing you guys the progress as I try to lose 47 pounds. I am 207 and would love be 160 again.
 I really want you all to know something, I know I'm not skinny. I know I have a bit of a belly and sometimes things look awkward on me. But I am working on it, and I am trying things that are different so I can know what works and what doesn't. It makes me smile when you all tell me something looks good because two years ago, I was strictly a jeans and t-shirt girl who dreamed of looking sexy and cool. I mean, I could make jeans and a t-shirt work appropriate, then go to dinner, then go to the club. And I still wear t-shirts and jeans, but I know how to really make them pop versus just making it spark a little. What I am trying to say is, thank you all for embracing my style.
 I have tons of cleaning to do, between laundry, organizing things, throwing things away. Ugh, it's gonna be a long Thursday. But anyway, again, thank you so much for following, viewing, commenting, and just giving me a chance to capture your attention. I went into blogging because I wanted a voice, because my voice was not being heard in my town, but it was being criticized and snickered at because I dared to be different. Again, thanks and have an amazing fashion forward, crazy fun day!
Wearing Thrifted leopard print fur vest, Attention black blazer, American Apparel black Summer t-shirt, Ebay black leather shorts, Random black semi sheer tights, GoJane black and gold platform strappy heels, Vintage gifted gold stud earrings, Forever 21 gold hearts and chains necklace, and Thrifted gold and brown stone cocktail ring

Song of the Day: "What's My Name" by Rihanna

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Love the combination of the leather and the animal print jacket!!! :)

  2. This look is really, really great. I wouldn't change a thing about it:D

    I also enjoyed reading your post and all those ideas sound really good, so go for it! One more thing, don't worry about not being skinny. If you need to lose weight for health reasons or just because YOU really want to, than that's fine. As long as you don't feel pressure to do it to fit a particular "ideal" than it's all good. Just needed to add my little two cents, lol! Hey, I'm following now, so I'll be checking you out!

  3. Oh I love your title of this post and your outfit! Hot!!! You look so fabulous:D I started my blog for the same reason too!

  4. This is a sexy yet classy fun outfit. I want!

  5. You look beautiful! You wear it with such ease, it suits you perfectly! Love it!

  6. I love love this look, super chic!

    Stay gorgeous!

  7. leather and leopard print, i love it! :) and the vest was thrifted, even better!

  8. you definitely know how to work your body all those ideas sound pretty good to me so whichever one you decide to go through with is pretty cool....i LOVE the game too! last weekend i watched the marathon non stop!lol i wish i could come to your party!

  9. I think that you're very inspiring and ambitious!!
    And love the ideas, especially number 1, 3 and 7.

    Keep it up girl!!

    Meda from

  10. awesome!!!! love the leather shorts.
    by the way you couldnt choose better song from Rih, best dual this year :)

  11. Wow, you look good in those tights.


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