Monday, January 3, 2011

Sincerely Jane

 I apologize for the blurry photos :/ I really wanted to do a post and I am sort of sick so I am too lazy to take a new set lol. I hope you are all having a great Monday. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas/Winter break and is ready to get back on their daily grind.
 Notice wider photos? For some reason, I liked how the background looked so I decided not to crop it out so much lol. I have been dressing based on my mood and today I am not feeling well, hence the casual clothes lol. I will hopefully feel a little better to be more glam eventually lol. Even though they are blurry, I still like how they look.
 I've been having a lot of luck lately. Financially, I see things getting better soon, as well as my life becoming less stressful. I am actually working on my own closet organization project. I feel I have way too many clothes, and I only wear some of them. I keep holding on and holding on to different things, but it's time to let them go. So, I will be doing a major overhaul and I will definitely have some products to sell in my future store :)
 I am so blessed to say that one of my best friends wants to do a photo shoot with me. I need to contact her as soon as possible because it's hard doing it with no tripod and a remote release mode. I mean, I think I've done pretty good so far, but it would be nice to be able to do more poses again. So be on the lookout for a photo shoot post :)
 You ever wonder why old drama seems to follow you into a new year? I am going through that now. My ex wants us to be back together and to start back from where we left off. I have truly deep feelings for him, which developed pretty fast, and he is genuinely a sweet guy, but I don't think I can tolerate certain parts of him. I am willing to give it a chance, only because they say when you love something let it go, and if it comes back, then it's meant to be. I let him go in October and now he's back in January. I also feel a little weird because that's my former best friend's "brother" (they are real close friends and she's the one who hooked us up). I just feel like something is odd that she's coming back into my life and he is too. I'm not going to keep going on about this lol. It's not worth the stress. I'ma let go and let God!
 Thanks for reading my ramblings and viewing my blurry pictures lol. I promise to have better ones next time I post. I value your opinion and I also love looking at clear pictures. Of course, I do this blog for myself, as it started out that way. But as I became more and more into styling, it became about the styling and showing what I can do. Now, it's more about connecting with you guys and still staying true to myself. I don't blog because I want to be famous or become a paid blogger. I blog because I love it. I blog because I want to have my own piece of the pie. I may not be as fabulous and ground-breaking as more popular bloggers, but I am me, and that's what matters to me. And hopefully you guys visit, read, follow, and comment because you like me for who I am and what Sarah Jane R. Styling means to me. Again, thank you for the support!
Wearing dark grey Max Rave cardigan, heather grey Old Navy boyfriend t-shirt, dark wash Dollhouse high-waist skinny jeans, dark grey Forever 21 ankle socks, brown Target lace up oxfords, cream Wet Seal skinny belt, random brand gold chain drop earrings, pink Max Rave plaid scarf, and a gold watch from a random jewelry store in NYC.

Song of the Day: "Sincerely Jane" by Janelle Monae

Sarah Jane R.


  1. you are so sweet Sarah ; ) Even u didn't feel good while taking the pics u really look very stylish. hope u have a wonderful 2011

  2. Love the pop of color with the scarf!

  3. Cute shoes! Love pairing my oxfords with EVERYTHING! lol :)

    Alexa Rae

  4. Such a cute outfit! Love the way you buttoned the cardigan and added the scarf!


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