Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday so far. As you can see, I am feeling a tad better. Cold medicine is a wonderful thing :) I am also just feeling happy in general. I don't know what's gotten into me, but whatever it is, I love it! Maybe it's because I made two purchases online today. I decided not to get the wedges. I just feel like I have so many pairs of shoes, I can hold off on getting wedges because I am sure I will find some in Florida somewhere lol. I did check out Charlotte Russe's website and got two striped pencil mini skirts for $5 each. I mean who can turn down $5 skirts? Not me lol.
 So, I decided to actually pair this sweater with a skirt. I usually wear this with leggings or jeans, but it's a little warmer. I love how it turned out. The skirt I got on sale for $5 at Wet Seal. It's a great place to get some trendy pieces on sale. Their sales are my fave, I have a preferred customer card there :) The purse you may recognize. This was my first DIY studding project. I purchased the bag from Forever 21 and at first, I liked it plain. But once I got my studding kit, I decided to make it a little more "rocker glam". It took me a couple hours but I was so proud. I usually wear this to run errands or go out to eat with friends. Oh and of course shopping, cause I need my hands free to hold my shopping bags. The hat actually belonged to my grandfather (RIP). He has a white one that I also have. He was such a dapper man and a gentleman. He passed in 2001, and life's been rocky for myself and my mom since. But I think we are slowly becoming happier :)
 You know something interesting? My mom told me I could be a model. She said that I could do plus size modeling, especially because my face is "unique". I looked at her like she had two heads and a tail. I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind being in the plus size fashion industry, since according to modeling sizes, I am plus size. But I just don't think it's a lane that I could participate in. It's funny how I can be self-conscious yet I come on here and post my outfit posts almost everyday lol. I just always saw myself doing styling and not wearing the actual clothes someone else styled. Who knows, this year is full of surprises lately.
 I am sorry for posting so much music from Janelle Monae, but she has been speaking to me musically since the new year started. I feel like her music just inspires me to get up and do what I need to do. Plus, who doesn't love a person who thinks outside of the box. She's like the female version of Outkast, and we need alternative R&B and Hip Hop to make people step up their game. Mainstream or not, I listen to a lot of different music. One day it's Nirvana, the next it's ROX, then it's Lil Wayne, or even Adele. If you have any underground artists that you love, leave a comment with their name and I will definitely check it out. 
 I am going to start working on making inspiration boards from the S/S 2011 collections that I love. I tried to do posts for all, but it just didn't work out as well. I wasn't really focused last year, but this time, I plan on having these looks prepared and ready so every Friday post will be a Runway My Way post :) Why not have it start in the beginning of the year, right? I will also be doing the same for Pre-Fall 2011 as well. I hope everyone comes back to check that out. I will also be doing a Blogger of the Month section starting in February. I will be featuring different up and coming bloggers because we are all a great community and should help each other promote right? I am not sure who I will choose yet, or if they will even accept the offer, but hopefully, it will work out well.
 Thanks for checking out the posts, as well as my other posts. I love you all a lot, and if you have any questions, you can leave a comment or if it's personal or an inquiry about my services, I have my email listed on the sidebar :) Again, thanks for the support and I will see you all later!
Wearing a thrifted handmade jeweltone sweater from TipForTeens, Wet Seal red pencil mini skirt, random sheer black tights, Charlotte Russe black tiered ankle booties, hand studded Forever 21 quilted purse, Kangol newsboy hat, Fabuless.com silver heart shaped bamboo hoop earrings, and Girlprops.com silver bow ring

Song of the Day: "Metropolis" by Janelle Monae

Sarah Jane R.


  1. I smiled when I first saw this! You are definitely making a statement! LOVE the bright skirt with your sweater an the hat is way cool:D You pull it off!

  2. you look gorgeous! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better & happier and looking forward to an exciting new year :)
    That funky sweater is adorable and the color of your skirt is perfect. Also the video is super cool too, thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this look! The pop of color is so refreshing and perfect for Spring 2011! :)

  4. this is a great look Sarah! Keep it UP!!

  5. You look so so so fashion forward... I am in love with your style! Congratulations on the '.com', too!-- Monica Sallay from F&ML


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