Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a special day for myself and my mother. Amerie made me a Mother's Day card at school, which I will post in a few moments. I also finally got my mom to take a recent picture with me :) Here's some pictures I took today
 My mother and I
 Amerie and I
 Eskimo Kisses
 Crazy/Scary Faces
 Yes, she's only 3. And a diva already.
That smile gets me every time. 

I just wanted to share some candid photos of my family. I don't really share them too often, but this is a new year and you all are like another family to me.

Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging moms, as well as my mommy followers. It doesn't matter if you have birthed the child/children, become step-mothers, adopted mothers, or even if you are just the mother figure in the child/children's life. All mothers are important in molding children into adults. Today, relax and enjoy your day, and enjoy the celebration of all of the hard work you have put into raising your child/children.

To the fathers who have had to be the mother and father, Happy Mother's Day to you. A lot of men who raise their kids on their own do not get much help or credit for the hard work that they do. I want to show you love and let you know that you should be celebrated today as well.

To all of you who have had to be your own mother because you had neither parent or you have had to be the mother to your own mother, Happy Mother's Day to you as well. I could never imagine having to go through life this way, and today you deserve to be celebrated as well. Nothing can prepare you for the trials and tribulations you may be facing, Just keep your head up and pray. Everything will work out eventually.

To those who have lost their mother, I know today may be rough for you. Just know that your mother is looking down at you smiling and she knows that you love her and miss her. No matter what may have happened between you, good or bad, she knows that today, you are wishing her this special day from Earth to Heaven (or whichever place you believe she dwells). Do something that brings happy memories of your mother.

Here are my two favorite songs about mothers :)

2 Pac- "Dear Mama"

Boyz II Men- "A Song For Mama"

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. This is such a sweet post :)! Happy mommies day!!!!! I love the family photos, they are so sweet!

  2. Aww, yall look very much alike, beautiful pic! :)


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