Thursday, May 12, 2011


 Originality is the synonymous with individuality
Something unique and different from the norm
People strive for it, yearn for it's power
Yet somehow, never quite make it.

 Seems to me that striving to be different is an oxymoron
Everyone ends up being the same trying to go for the same goal
If everyone decided to emulate someone who is "original",
Then how "original" does the look become?
 Originality is lost as we enter into a new decade.
The 20s-30s had the flapper style, the 40s-50s the poodle skirt and pencil skirt compete,
The 60s-70s the hippies and disco kings and queens ruled, the 80s everything was big, short, and tight,
And the 90s marked the beginning of more skin baring.
 However, as the 00s came and now the 10s are here. we are seeing a resurgence of previous decades.
Some embrace the 20s-30s, some the 40s-50s, some the 60s-70s, some 80s-90s,
Even some are looking for what makes the 00s and 10s unique.
However, there is not much that makes our current decade "original"...except...
Plus size models and shoes and gowns that are more like an art project than for wearing.
Yes, we have only just begun the 10s era, but there's so much potential
We have the technology to create something big and bold.
We, as the future, have the ability to redefine or indulge in originality.

Originality by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Wearing a thrifted floral blouse, Charlotte Russe black and heather grey striped pencil mini, Styluxe via Urban Originals black cut out wedges, Koret fuchsia quilted nylon bowler bag, Beauty Shop yellow belt, random brand gold studs, and Forever 21 gold and brown stone ring

I decided to take a shot at not rhyming my words, more of like a spoken word poem. I hope you guys enjoy it! I am going to try and do different styles of poems to challenge my ability :) Ok, so, I wanted to let you all in on an exclusive here...


Yep, I am going to be embarking on a new journey and want to blog all about it. I don't want to tell you all the details yet only because I haven't come up with a name or banner or anything just yet, only a concept. It's definitely a life changing concept and I cannot tell you all how nervous I am to do it. I know it will help me in the long run. I am not even doing it to get followers. I am doing it for myself. I feel like if i see it everyday online, I can't just give up.

Thanks so much for the support you all showed me on my last post. I was surprised so many of you guys like it. I love playing with different looks as you can see. Speaking of today's look, this one was inspired by my Trends I Love post I did a couple days ago. I wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone. Stripes and florals together were a big trend last spring/summer but I never felt confident enough to try until now.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday! I also am planning a giveaway soon so keep checking back for when I post it :)

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. awesome!!! :) i find rhyming poems are so brain doesn't function like that..when you write, don't be afraid to let all that raw emotion flow thru your pen/keyboard. kind of like word vomit (lol, like in mean girls..but poetically) thank you so much 4 following! you know i got your back! keep the positivity and confidence comin, it's what makes you, YOU. XOx-

  2. I think you're completely right about the eras of fashion, and I love the experimental touch of your poem :) and girl, your wedges are fab.

  3. love so much the mix of prints!
    kisses, v

  4. ahh this top is perfect for this bag!

  5. Love the wedges and your skirt!
    Lovely blog ♥

  6. Love bright colors, so your bag is amazing!!!Cute floreal top!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Can I just say... I love this. The proportions are great. The colours are great. I'm not much of a body-con, pink, or floral person, but I just love this outfit as a whole!

  8. You look like Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical with this floral top =D love it !!
    And love the bag !!!


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