Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perfectly Me

 Woke up, sun shining in my window
Ready to get with the daily flow
Ready for everything, not knowing where the day will go
I'm on a mission there's not stopping me

 Working on my independence
Strengthening my confidence
Being open about my weaknesses
My internal sunshine is what I finally see
 Working on becoming healthy
Saving so I can be wealthy
Letting go of people so deadly
I am finally allowed to just be
 Letting love finally come in
My heart was slowly wearing thin
Now true love can finally begin
To my love, he has the key
Family, fashion and music alone
All parts of me and always shown
I'm finally feeling complete, I'm making it known
That I am perfectly me, down to a T.

Perfectly Me by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Wearing a thrifted Lord & Taylor light pink blazer, Forever 21 neon yellow tank, thrifted Elizabeth by Liz Claibourne light khaki high waisted shorts, Qupid via beige platform pumps, thrifted burgundy leather clutch, Forever 21 gold oversized hoops, random brand gold bow ring, and a gifted gold burst ring

Good morning everyone! I am so tired :/ I was up all night between texting a guy friend of mine and talking on the phone with my homegirls (Shout out to WTF! I miss you guys so much!), and then checking out different blogs and Chictopia posts online. I just couldn't sleep but i had to get up to get my daughter ready for school (where she is currently located).

The outfit today was another attempt at color clocking. I decided to try it with lighter colors (neon yellow and light pink). I really like how it came out. Again, I have nowhere to go but work today and I definitely cannot wear this to work :/ Plus, walking around that store, I wouldn't really want to quite frankly.

Thanks so much for the love you guys have shown me, as well as my new followers! I feel the love :) I am trying to catch up and check out everyone's blog, but it's hard. I will try and make sure I get to everyone, and if you have a blog or have a site you love to visit (even your own), feel free to leave a link and as long as it is not spam (or detected as a virus on my laptop), I will visit it :)

Have an amazing Wednesday aka Hump Day :)

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. SWAG!
    That outfit is a killer....i bow to you! lol!

    new follower by the way...ur fashion is perfect

  2. I loooooove this look,those colours are gorgeous!! I went on a hunt for a blazer just like that a few days ago and found nada :[

  3. you look stunning i love the whole outfit and you are so beautiful xoxo

  4. You look stunning! I love the colorS


  5. perfect!
    kisses, v

  6. Simple outfit yet very chic and love love the color scheme.

  7. love love love your pink blazer! i have been on the look out for one but have yet to find anything as fabulous as what you are rocking! Love it

    love from San Francisco,


  8. your words got to me <3 thank you for sharing such an inpirational and positive piece!! :) check out my blog for some +vibes & happiness!XOX

  9. so beautiful , great look
    Lydz xX

  10. gorgeous look, I love love the blazer :)

    xo Emma

  11. Wow Sarah, you look FIERCE!!! I am loving this, that blazer is amazing!


  12. Love this! Classy and effortless.

    -Happy Hunting!

  13. WOW! I love this outfit, that blazer is stunning!
    And your legs are TDF
    Following ;-)

  14. huumm like that, you look fly girl

  15. I love the color of this blazer. Especially with the bright pop of highlighter yellow (my fav. color to wear this spring) The shorts look wonderful on you. Perfect length & style. Great mix of business & fun. :)

  16. preppy... I like

  17. Great mix of color!

  18. Great outfit, you look good!

  19. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Loving this outfit and even more so because it is thrifted!!! You are soooo DOPEEEEEE


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