Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lost Soul

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 Casualties are common these days
As tears flow, the pain remains
Loss of life while usually mourned
Can sometimes leave even the coldest person scorned
 Anger out of sadness is typical you see
I have to concur because it's apart of me
When God calls one of His angels home
I feel selfish, because I feel left alone
 I know now that there's a reason for everything He does
And I hope to join in His kingdom of love
I pray that my soul is found once again
So I can be a better mother, daughter, sister, lover, and friend
 Yes, I have lost someone so dear and true
And there are still days that I just can't get through
By now I should be better and living a good life
Instead I still deal with the internal strife
As I write these words so freely from my heart
I know that one day, from the person, I will not be apart
One day we will be together under the beautiful sun
Soon the old me and new me will be as one.

Lost Soul by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Wearing a Faith 21 grey grommet shoulder sweatshirt, Wet Seal "Uptown" skinny jeans, Forever 21 leopard print boots, Liz Claibourne black bucket purse, Family Dollar black turban, Beauty Shop silver hoops, Forever 21 turquoise cuff bracelet, and a random turquoise ring from NYC

I am finally feeling like myself again you guys :) I have been in a slump for a few months now, really this whole semester. I have been dealing with new responsibilities, as well as old ones. I have had ups and downs with my love life, and have been dressing out of the norm for myself (jeans and t-shirts everyday). However, I am slowly starting to feel like myself again.

I wore this to school, minus the boots and bag because it was way too hot and I needed a bigger bag to carry at school. Of course, my bigger tote is starting to rip so it's time to invest in a new bag. I am thinking of getting one from my job, since they have so super cute ones :) And I also have new eyeglasses :) These are prescription and I love them so much! I feel like they fit my style more than my other glasses :)

Thanks so much for the support of my comeback. I am a little rusty with my posts and hopefully will be back in the swing of things. I will be making rounds to all of my favorite blogs and some new ones. If you have a blog that I don't know about, feel free to post a link and I will definitely check it out :) I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.

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  1. So cute and comfy. I want tight jeans like yours and those shoes are so dope. I want <3


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