Friday, July 15, 2011

Runway My Way: Charlotte Ronson S/S 2011 Ready To Wear

Today I am posting for Runway My Way Friday. I haven't been able to take new photos yet because my schedule is so packed. But I do want to give you guys something to show:
1. I'm not dead and
2. I haven't forgotten you all.

Today's Runway My Way post comes from Charlotte Ronson's Spring 2011 Ready To Wear collection. This collection reminds me of the 90s, a decade where I grew up from a child to a middle schooler. I was always aware of what was "cool", looking up to my sister for her hip-hop style. But I also knew of the other end of the music/fashion spectrum....grunge. This collection mixes grunge with feminine, ver reminiscent of the teenage girls who rebelled against the "Chers" and "Dionnes" of the 90s. With elements like plaid shirts and combat boots combined with feminine dresses and sheer fabrics, you can tell that this collection is something that isn't just a 90s cliche, but something people can wear today and forward.

The look I decided to recreate was one that definitely combined grunge and feminine, Look 12.

This is how my look came out:

Wearing a New Look olive green military parka, Rainbow blue and yellow floral romper, Forever 21 white ankle socks, and Rubi for Cotton On beige lace up wedge booties

Recreating this look really helped me discover a different side of me. I would have never thought to put these elements together.

To recreate this grungy-feminine look, here are some elements that you should make note of:

1. A parka or vest can be your friend. A great cotton or nylon parka with military accents is perfect to for this look if you live in colder/wetter climates. However, I'm from Florida and if it wasn't for the fact that i love this jacket as is, I would have cut this into a vest. A military-inspired vest, or rather, a camping-inspired vest is also a great option for those who live in predominately hot climate areas. Make sure the color is neutral, like black, navy, olive green, gray, or khaki. This adds to it's versatility for more than just this particular look. An alternative to the parka could also be a grunge plaid shirt that's long and baggy. This can open the door to pattern/print mixing.

2. A colorful dress or romper can be slimming and fun. I love how I was so against rompers. I felt that they did not flatter my shape, especially with me having a large stomach, However, I have come to see that this is actually perfect for disguising my tummy. As long as you get the right fit for the romper, it will be slimming on you. Plus size girls, I encourage you to try a romper. Not the skin-tight leotard looking one pieces, but a nice flowing bottom romper that's fitted at the top. I also love the tiny print, which is again perfect for slimming down. Sometimes big, bold prints can be too harsh and even make you look bigger. A dress is also an option for those who don't feel like taking the whole outfit off just to go to the bathroom.

3. Emerse yourself in grunge accessories. Scrunch socks and boots are a part of the 90s that defined grunge. I love how the original look used neutral colors instead of black boots and white socks. This gives the look a more soft grunge vibe. If you want to go completely 90s, scrunch up some ankle socks and wear those black Doc Martens. Otherwise, a nice soft neutral boot and white ankle socks work just as well.

Here are some more looks from the collection that I love.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. I like this! I am loving all of the prints in this runway collection, especially those long, flowy floral dresses. You did an AMAZING job recreating that look. In fact, I like yours better!! You have gorgeous legs, girl!!

  2. I still havent done the whole socks with shoes look. Im working on it though. Bought me some lacey socks in the little girls department. hehe. I like it on you. Very well put together.


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