Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution x Colorful Lipstick Giveaway

 "New Year, New Me" seems to be everyone's New Year's Resolution.
Why is everyone trying to be a new person?
And if anything, by saying you're going to be new, you really are setting yourself up for failure.
People will automatically say, "You're gonna be the same person this year and next."

 However, it is never to late to improve yourself.
I know some people are going, "But isn't that becoming a new person?" No.
Becoming a "new me" implies that you are going to throw away the "old me".
I am clearly talking about something more profound and productive.
 Think about how your year has gone and ask yourself, "Do I need to become a new me?"
The answer is most likely no. You're fine just the way you are...sort of.
Everyone can make improvements in their life, which makes you a better version of yourself.
You still keep the "old me" inside of you, but you make necessary changes for the better.
 If you feel like you have a weight problem, get active and eat healthy, NOT DIET.
Want a new look? Try a couple new looks, NOT BUY A NEW WARDROBE.
Having money issues? Make a budget and save, NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF EVERYTHING.
Not where you want to be? Set goals with time frames and actually follow them, DON'T SULK.
 Of course, when you are working on improving your life, people will tend to start acting funny.
Some friends will leave you for reasons that are clearly ridiculous.
Lovers may leave because they feel you are letting go.
But at the end of the day, YOUR HAPPINESS is what's important.
 I do these posts of either spoken word or poems not just to fill space in between pictures.
I do this for myself, in order to reflect on my own problems.
I do this for someone who may be going through what I am and need someone to relate to.
I do this because it's my life, and I can do as I damn well please.
 I am working on my own self improvement.
People will say I am acting, "brand new".
I'm not acting brand new at all though.
I am merely going into 2012 as an "improved me."

New Year's Resolution by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Black Polyester Blazer: Ebay, Black I 'Heart' NY T-shirt: Gifted
Dark Wash Ribbed Stretch Jeans: Wet Seal, Red/Black/White Mid-Top Sneakers: Puma
Black/Gold Quilted Faux-Leather Purse: Ebay, Red Turban Hat: Beauty Supply Store
Gold Hoop Earrings: Beauty Supply Store, Gold Chain-Link Necklace: Thrifted
Gold Pin: Vintage, Black Watch: Walmart, Gold/Amber Stone Ring: Forever 21

About the poem: Pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to address the negativity surrounded by the whole, "New Year, New Me" trend. It happens every year, and while some people do become new, others are the same as they were last year. The sad thing is that instead of people building each other up when they want to become better, they are so quick to bring each other down. And when I say "they" I mean the black community in general terms. I don't feel like you have to become a new person, but why should you be criticized for wanting to make improvements in your life?

About the outfit: SORRY FOR THE BLURRY PHOTOS! Yet another casual day for me. I've been so lazy with my style since I've been on Winter Break. I will say that I have something exciting to share with you guys in 2012. I will actually be doing a YouTube video for it, so stay tuned for when it happens :) Back to the outfit though. I really love my Pumas. They are a little scuffed cause when I wear shoes, I actually wear them. I love these because of the color palette and how they make my big ass feet look smaller lol. Of course they are men's sneakers, because I just don't like a lot of women's ones. I had to take Amerie to the doctor this morning so i added a blazer to add a little business to the look. I am rocking this new pin I got for Christmas and it's not a swastika, so I hope no one gets offended by the pin. This outfit actually has hints of what my 2012 surprise is, but I'll shut up before I give it away.

Ok you guys, I know I told you guys months ago that I was doing another giveaway this year. it is!


I went to the beauty supply store recently in search of some colorful lipsticks because I get most of my cosmetics from there and have yet to break out from them. I actually bought five colors and decided to only keep these three:

(Colors from left: Plum, 24 KT, Black Diamond)
 I will be giving away the two other colors I bought, as seen below:
 Top: Shiny Orange
Bottom: Shiny Purple

In order to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is this:

1) Be following my blog and comment on this post with the color you would like.
2) Be following me on Tumblr and reblog the giveaway post with the color you would like.

If you are doing both, you double your chances of winning the giveaway. I will randomly select one winner for each color. The contest will close at 12am EST New Years Day and I will announce the winners at 5pm EST.

Good luck to everyone who enters and I hope you all have a fantastic last Thursday in 2011!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. You look great. I love this casual but fun look. Your bag is amazing. I totally agree with your tips. I hope you have a wonderful New Year, and that 2012 is a better year. Love to you!!!

  2. Shiny purple is giving me life. I LOVE IT!!!!!! and yes to that poem!!!

  3. I also reblogged on tumblr


    "shiny purple"

  4. I totally agre with everything you said,we don't need to have a special date to set goals for ourselves,but I'm thinking about all my memories the good ones and the bad ones and hoping the next year will be better than the last one.About the black community now,Its the same problem and every black people from the whole world (african,west indian,black european community) I belong to the black french community(if I can say so)black people doesn't support each other,girls looking at you like you want to steal their boyfriend,what a waste of time.Our ancestors fought for us to be able to be free and sometimes I'm like if they could see us they would feel so ashamed.When I others communities supporting each other I envy them.As black people our history is so rich and beautiful we can do so much if only we could all support one another stop putting ourselves down.although I feel hopeless about this situation,I'll do my best to show people outhere that black people black women (and with locks lol) are intelligent,capable of doing anything they want,and hard working and stylish.Sorry for this long comment but It feels good to see a black girl who think like me :) the hope is coming back.By the way I love this look the read turban and the red details on the shoes and the chic bag;a perfect ten.

  5. Hey, love the poem! It's actually crazy that I read this when I just resolved the same thing earlier today. "New year, New me" is just so unrealistic anyways because you can't just spawn an entire new self because the clock hits midnight. Anyways, love the post!
    And also, if I win the giveaway, I'd like the Shiny orange :]

  6. Lovely outfit!



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