Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Meal

 Just one look into your eyes
Makes me feel paralyzed
So many feelings inside
Instead of telling you the truth I tell lies
 The passion that's burns within
Has my heart doing triple spins
If this is wrong, I'm in love with sin
But if it's blessed then its heaven sent
 I know you're running away
And I truly wish you would stay
I will always remember the first day
When our love was like molded clay
 A beautiful piece of art
Our love was like this from the start
I don't see how you could break my heart
It's like you shot me with 10,000 darts
 Everyone's telling me to let it go
But honestly they don't even know
How hard it is to put on a show
Your brain saying "I'm ok" when your heart is saying "No!"
 I'll never understand how you could do this to me
All I ever wanted was for us to be
A happy couple in harmony
A perfect love that flows with the currents of the sea
 I know you're probably with someone new
But they can't love you like I do
They don't even know the best of you
Like how you've only loved a few
 They will never know how to make you happy
Or how to cheer you up when you feel crappy
Just give me another chance, you can have me
Now I sound desperate, does that make you happy?
 I refuse to give you the satisfaction
Of seeing this horrible chain reaction
Crashing and causing destruction
Like a tsunami from rough oceans
I just had to let you know how I feel
That my pain is so real
But I guess I'll just have to deal
I'll never be full, you were my last meal

Last Meal by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2012

Sheer Leopard Cardigan: Gifted, Black Tunic Tank: H&M
Dark Rinse Blue High Waist Skinny Jeans: Go Jane
Turquoise Platform Lace-Up Booties: Urban OG
Gold Stud Earrings: Gifted, Burgundy Stone Chain Necklace: Forever 21
Gold Fang Cuff: ASOS, Brown Horn Ring: Forever 21

About The Poem: I was inspired by a few stories of heartbreak and love that I've been reading about on Tumblr. I love my blog here, but Tumblr is just a place where I can easily find the inspiration I need for clothes or poetry. I wanted to tap into my emotional love side that I rarely use. Hope you liked it.

About The Outfit: I wore this to work and I pretty much shocked my boss with my choice of shoes. Then again, I usually do that. I just love how casual yet interesting this look is. If it wasn't so hot, I would have worn it all day. Instead, I took these pictures and switched out my high waist jeans and booties for my Levi's shorts and sandals.

I will be posting more now that I have time to actually write "real' poems and wear cool clothes. I'll be reduced to a uniform for work in the fall so my fashion posts will be far and few between. But I will make an effort to take you places away from the front of my house. I promise :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace, Love, and Happiness


  1. Great poem...great outfit! You are beautiful and you have a gift with words! Kiah

  2. I love this color combination with the leopard. It looks so good.


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