Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty Girls vs. Beautiful Women

 I've noticed that I attract sexy men with crazy mentalities.
I also notice that I am attracted to sexy men who want the "pretty girl".
I know, you're thinking, don't be down on yourself.
But let me further explain the "pretty girl" theory.

 "Pretty girls" are girls that are typically light skinned
They are mixed with black and about one or more other ethnicities
Their hair can be kinky or curly as long as it is can be straightened somehow
They are blessed with coke-bottle shapes or pear shapes
 "Pretty girls" can wear just about any outfit and look good
Every man thirsts after the "pretty girl", waiting for a chance to be her man
They can make any face and still look cute
They tend to be rich but make it seem like they don't care about fashion
 A "pretty girl" I am not by any of those factors.
I have back fat, a flabby stomach, weird facial features, scars on my legs
I'm not a size 4, more like a 12, and don't even have the ass to show for it
All in all, I am not a "pretty girl" but I am a "beautiful woman"
 A "beautiful woman" accepts all of her flaws, and doesn't discuss them for sympathy
She knows her self-worth and is not defined by the number of followers/fans she has
She wears whatever she wants no matter what "pretty girls" say about her
She attracts "handsome men" because "pretty boys" only date "pretty girls"
 A beautiful woman values more important things than saying "f*** you" to her haters
She lets her successes and her actions say that for her
A beautiful woman knows how to keep a man with more than just sexual acts
She makes her man feel like he's the only man in her life, not just an "online crush"
 A beautiful woman is able to express her thoughts with more than just expletives
She can be a sarcastic bitch, but she doesn't need to flaunt it everywhere she goes
A beautiful woman knows that humility is very important
Especially when "pretty girls" act like they are better because everyone want to "be" them
 What pretty girls fail to realize is just as easily that they became the top hot girl
Another pretty girl is coming right behind her to take her spot
And with that comes the fights between pretty girls
For there can only be one top pretty girl, while the rest are back-ups
Beautiful woman respect each other enough to have each other's backs
If she needs help, she can call on her beautiful woman friends
When in a pack, each beautiful woman shines as equally as the other
And together, create enough power and beauty to knock a pretty girl out of her spot.

Pretty Girls vs. Beautiful Women by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2012

White High-Low Blouse: Go Jane, Gray Bandage Skirt: Forever 21+ (old)
Turquoise Lace-up Booties: UrbanOG, Neon Yellow Satchel: Go Jane
Fuchsia Braided Necklace (worn as a headband): Forever 21
Gold/Colorful Jewel Bangles: Forever 21, Gold Cross Ring: Forever 21

About the poem: So, if you're not following me on Tumblr, you are missing out on some of my rants and inspiration :( However, I wanted to bring about this specific topic here. I am so sick of certain females feeling that they have priority just because they have a bunch of admirers. Like seriously ladies, there's more to life than a bunch of men throwing their dick at you just because you post a picture in a tight dress or booty shorts. I'm not saying don't stop doing you, because everyone is who they are for a reason. Just please, stop acting like you're not conceited when it's clear that a picture is worth a thousand words, and your eyes tell it all.

About the outfit: I will be converting to uniforms at work, so my outrageous styling will be done on the weekend. I wouldn't wear this to work because of the sheer back but for going out shopping or to a lunch date with friends, this works for me. I don't dress for convenience on the weekends or in my free time. I dress for my emotions. As Mode Plus would say, I am an emotionista.

Thanks for being so patient with my posting lately. I am really trying to keep this news a secret for fear of jinxing it. Bear with me and I promise you will be happy with me :)

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Sarah Jane R.


  1. I love your poem. I think you look gorgeous. I love your top, it's awesome. Your neon bag is perfection with this, too.

  2. I LOVE all the pops of color!! :)

  3. This is a beautiful post by a beautiful woman! I love it and your neon bag is sick...just sick! Kiah


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