Sunday, March 29, 2015


*Blows dust off of website* 

Geez it's been over as year since I've posted on here. The reasons are very stereotypical of most bloggers who just stop blogging (work, family, stress, busy life, etc.) but what I am about to do is going to change my life.


I know you may be wondering exactly what it is? To sum it up, it's basically living on the most minimal necessities in life (clean eating, capsule wardrobe, modern technology, lack of unnecessary spending) in order to live a life full of clarity. In other words, getting rid of all your hoarded crap and only keeping what makes you your best you.

Now that you've stopped laughing at the idea that I, Sarah, could actually do this, I am here to tell you that I am going to try it. Here's why:

I am starting to hate fashion and shopping.

What has transpired in the past year or so is emotional shopping. I am by nature a shopaholic and have overcrowded my room with boxes from online shopping and bags from mall shopping. My closets (I have two room closets and a double sided garment rack) are filled to the max and my shoes barely fit in my room. I have done two major closet clean outs, leaving me with a total of 15+ bags full of a mixture of clothes with tags and clothes that were barely worn without tag. However, because I saw so much space in my closet, I shopped more and as a result have landed myself in a ton of debt and regret.

I don't even like shopping yet it has become a part of my day. Here's a glimpse of my days:

-Wake up
-Eat breakfast
-Go to work
-Shop on lunch break
-Go home
-Eat dinner
-Shop online

Off Days:
-Wake up
-Shop online
-Eat breakfast
-Shop online
-Eat lunch
-Shop online
-Eat dinner
-Shop online

For some people, it's drugs. For some, it's alcohol. For others, it's sex. But me, I am addicted to two things: sugar and shopping (the sugar addiction will be in a different post).

So, obviously, the shopping isn't the only problem. Because I have given myself too many options, I struggle to figure who I am style-wise. Of course, I'm obviously am classified as a hipster (by many college friends) yet I still identify with urban and classic styles. So, basically, my style reflects my mental health (saving that post for a later date as well). I don't know whether I am edgy, hipster, classic, modern, or urban/ratchet. I just am a mixture of it all. Hence why my closet looks like a department store exploded in it.

So, I started with the "turn the hanger backwards" approach, but it did not stop me from shopping.

I also did the "self-edit your closet and get rid of things" approach. Again, still went shopping.

So, why do I think minimalism will work for me? Because technically, I can still shop. I'll explain:

With minimalism, it isn't about never shopping again, it's about shopping smarter. For example, I am currently obsessed with the idea of owning every style I like in every color of the rainbow. However, it makes getting dressed for work a hassle. Really, it makes getting dressed in general a hassle.

Also, I have gained a lot of my weight back so now clothes/styles I like don't look great on me anymore. And because I come from a bloodline of hoarders, I can't let the items go. By not letting them go, it's blocking what I actually can wear.

So, I have decided to draft a minimal wardrobe plan that works for me and my lifestyle. I plan to use the following websites/YouTube channels/blogs to help me through this:

I have also created a Pinterest board with inspiration for creating my seasonal capsules.

I wanted to introduce the idea to you because this blog and Youtube channel will serve as a platform for minimalism for the curvy woman. I started my blog and channel to chronicle my personal style. This is a new chapter in a new book of my life. I hope to carry this minimalistic mentality through all areas of my life (well, except when I get married one day. That's going to be an extravaganza lol).

Until next time...

Peace, Love, and Happiness,


  1. I'm a curvy girl and I'm doing through a lightweight minimalism transition as well. I used to buy so many things just because they were offered in plus size now I am only buying things I can get a ton of use out of.......I recently bought a home as well and I'm practicing minimalism in my Home as well.

    1. I know when I get my own place I will be following through with it as well. So far, I've created a Spring Capsule that I will be posting soon :).


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