Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe

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Hey loves! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day/night (depending on when you read this). As I mentioned yesterday, I will be sharing my Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe. My off-duty wardrobe is still a work in progress. Hopefully I will have that finished soon. In the meantime, here's my Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe!

Jackets and Dresses



Shoes and Bags

Here are some changes I made from my Spring Work Capsule to my Summer Work Capsule:

1) I got rid of navy. I realized throughout the capsule that I really prefer black to navy. The level of heat I feel in both is the same, plus black is an all-year color. So, I have ditched my navy suiting. Along with the ditching of the navy suiting will be my navy shoes and bag.

2) I eliminated heels. I work on my feet all day long. As much as I would love to strut around like my co-workers through the store, I can't. My feet will start crying bunions and corns if I do it. So, I only included flats.

3) I had some items that are no longer wearable. My mint skirt ripped at the back zipper in two different places. What's funny is it was the one time I paid full price AND purchased an expensive top to go with it for Spring/Summer. So, with that said, I have ditched the skirt. I know I could potentially get it fixed, but I feel like there was a reason for it not to work. So, I am letting it go. I will keep the top though.

4) Other items just didn't fit right anymore. I've gained weight (I'm addressing the elephant in the room named Sarah's fat rolls) so some items I picked out for my capsule did not fit properly. My yellow ASOS suit, navy ankle pants, khaki ankle pants, white ASOS leather skirt, and beige Calvin Klein suit set were all placed in respective donate or sell piles.

5) No cardigans (what?!). I know I live in Florida and wearing a blazer everyday seems ridiculous. But honestly, cardigans look horrible on me. So, I have decided to eliminate them from my wardrobe (well, except my boyfriend ones. But those are for fall/winter). Being that I am bigger, I find tailored pieces with clean lines look better on me.

I will try to keep you updated on the looks I wear throughout the week. I plan on doing a weekly review (fingers crossed).

If you're living this capsule wardrobe lifestyle, what are some of your essential pieces for this summer? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and until next time...

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Sarah Jane R.

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  1. Nice items. I love the shoes.


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