Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Love with Faith 21

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Okay, so for those curvy fashion divas out there, remember when Forever 21 launched their first Plus Size line Faith 21? Well, at first, it was looking pretty meek and dissatisfying (at least in my opinion) but now the line looks amazing! I'm supposed to be on a shopping purge where I'm not allowed to shop until I've worn all of the clothes in my closet at least once, but Faith 21 is going to make me break it, not to mention Hello Kitty will be mad I'm giving her number out and making her thinner*.

I'm going to share some information about the line. Faith 21 is a plus size line with sizes ranging from X-Large to 2x (Remember Forever 21 only goes up to size Large) and size 12 to 16. As far as sizing goes, it's not really an extended plus size line, considering it doesn't cater to those who are over size 2x and 16, but it's a start. Also, the line offers styles that fit any body type that a plus size woman has, whether it's hourglass, busty, pear, or boyish. Faith 21 is run pretty much like Forever 21, as far as the online updating of inventory goes. Faith 21 is sold in Forever 21, so there's no special Faith 21 store. Faith 21 offers pieces that are unique to the line, as well as plus size versions of some fashions in the Forever 21 line.

Now, I'm going to share with you some outfits I created with some of my favorite pieces.

Faith 21 sets
Faith 21 sets by fabulosityrepresenta88 featuring Forever21

This line is definitely fetch. It makes me feel good about my size. If you're loving it or hating it, leave a comment. I'm off to getting ready for work. It's Barbie Bxtch!

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