Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My List of Things to Do

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Everyone makes a to-do list. Whether it's just daily chores or life-long goals they have for their life. Right now, I'm going to list my goals/things I plan to do with my life. This list is not in any particular order, just what has been on my mind.

1. Find a new job since I'm quitting my current job

2. Apply for Child Care assistance

3. Go to the Campus Bookstore and order my textbooks for Fall

4. Think about what classes I need to take for Spring semester

5. Get rid of this mouse that's in my house (stupid rainy weather and bad nieces always leaving the door open :/)

6. Get Amerie some more shoes

7. Learn how to do hair

8. Think about what other options to take as far as a Major is concerned

9. Come up with a few hairstyles for my locks

10. Dye my hair...and actually have people notice :/

11. Start working out again

12. Start eating healthier (I'm pretty much there, but my will power has been slipping lately)

13. Clean my room entirely

14. Redesign my room

15. Get rid of the clothes I can't fit/don't wear/don't like

16. Start cleaning the house room by room

17. Start saving more money

18. Pay off credit card

19. Start helping with payments on joint card with Ma Dukes

20. Define my "brand"

21. Graduate from college with my Bachelor's in a field I love and will be successful in

22. Start working with Amerie on her counting and alphabet

23. Continue helping Ma Dukes with the bills

24. Find my inner "Barbie Bxtch" or "Bad Bxtch"

25. Stop cursing so much

26. Work on my anger and depression

27. Stop worrying about my love life because there's more to life than a man

28. Come up with ideas to help Skool Boyz and B5 become the hottest things since fried chicken

29. Learn to cook more meals

30. Get my damn license (The DMV hates me, I swear)

31. Learn to accept the hardships in my life and move past them

32. Leave the past in the past but never truly forget it

33. Get my health in order by getting that blood work done

I'm sure I could think of more, but this is definitely enough for now. I'll definitely have a part two to this one. I have a lot of work to do, and i definitely need to get some sleep. Good Morning!

Side Notes:
a. Amerie is my daughter

b. Ma Dukes is a term used to describe your mother

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