Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trying new things...

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So, usually, I'm very much a OCD matcher when it comes to fashion. But I am experimenting with not being completely colored coordinated (in the sense of each item having to have an accessory that matches it) . Here are some pictures of attempted I made at doing so. Sorry that they look like they do. No one was with me to take the pictures.

Shrug-Old F21
Striped Tee-Old Navy
Skinny Jeans-Max Rave
Sandals-Max Rave
Hoops- Wet Seal

Tunic- F21
Mini Skirt- Max Rave
Sandals-Max Rave
Necklace- Claire's or Wet Seal (Can't remember, sorry :/)
Man, I really need to advertise my blog so I can get some readers. Anyways, leave commentsand/or suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. I think you coordinated the colors very well! I used to be very matchy matchy too. But fashion blogs really help us to be more creative :)


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