Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well today was a good day

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Today was a pretty good day. I woke up at a decent hour (9:38am) and made some progress with my homework. My baby finally came home from her grandma's (her dad's mom) house and she was hyper as heck. She's currently serving time in time out for almost breaking something valuable (aka my I-Pod) after I told her not to touch it. She may be 21 months old but she is as smart as a three year old. I bough her these cute fake vans (they are the AirWalk sneakers from Payless) that I got from a baby consignment shop and I think they may be too small...they're a size 8.5 toddler. That reminds me...

Isn't that blazer cute? I've been looking for a white blazer for months and could not find one. I'm going to go vintage shopping soon so if I don't find one then, I'll get this one. I'm thinking of wearing it with

Yea, definitely going to star taking a dressier approach to my style. I'll be 21 soon and need to step my game up :). Look out now!

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