Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Retro Grade

Hoop Earrings-Rainbow
Tank Top-Rainbow
Sandals-Max Rave

Class as usual today, except for a test I probably did not do as well as I should have on. Anyways, Amerie threw up again, I'm really worried about her. I'm thinking she's either eaten some bad stuff or she may be throwing up to get my attention. I've been so busy with studying and what not lately, I haven't spent the quality time I need to with my daughter. I'm trying to find the balance between being a mom, a fashion lover, and a student, but it's hard. I have a lot of thinking to do. Anyways, I ordered some new clothes. And this weekend, I'm getting my daughter some stuff, if she's not feeling sick anymore, because shoe shopping for her is hell without her there. Here's what I got today at F21 online

I'm gonna go study now. C-ya!


  1. I love that headband!! And the polyvore bag is hott!

  2. That is a great dress! I didn't know you had a daughter! That's crazy trying to go to school and being a mom I bet.... I think it's hard being a student and a WIFE. I don't know how I would do with another dependent human being... I totally look up to you now! But I bet you're doing great. Have a good day!

  3. hey mama that's a vey nice selection u choose i love it all! if you want my advices on ur bodyshape u should:(WELL IM SORRY I GOT SAY FIRST OF ALL U DOING A GREAT JOB !! AND U DEfeNETELY DONT NEED MY ADVICES!!) but yeah a "cone shape' for me should wear straight leg pants not too tight on the waist so it wont make a bulge(no skinny jeans what so ever!! although they are in now!) and wear tight tops with showing cleavege u have to show what u gat great boobs!!! or if u dont feel confortable in tight tops wear the baby doll style, high waist will make it look smaller and more feminine ,the clevage gotta be shown but not hanging gotta have the right bra.the good thing is dat u cant wear colorful bottom and black tops in different shapes like : of-shoulders ,one harm,low V necks and stuffs .get colorful high waist belt with flashy colors if u feel like u can pull it off! like for example
    a black babydoll top with V neck a fushia belt and a straight washed jeans with fushia earrings or shoes. matching ur belt even a lipgloss or something !! if i were i ur area i would defentely go shopping with u ! u dont dont need much clothes but good basics and flashy accessorizes is the key i hope its helps feel free 2 ask any questions!! oh and good luck with ur child father... it's gotta be tough doing all the stuffs u doing at the same time!! but u know what u r very strong woman and u defenetely gonna make it in life so keep on doing what u do!!
    ps: sorry for my english u beeing a student u might kill urself when u read this kissss


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