Sunday, November 15, 2009

And then it comes to me like an Epiphany!

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Old Navy Cardigan, Old Navy Tank Top, Marshall's Skirt, Random Shoe Store Sandals, Vintage Tote, JC Penney Studs, Rainbow Necklace (Double Looped), Fabuless Bangles

So, I had another epiphany. As much as I would love to be a fashion stylist, that is such a hard industry to break into. So, I have decided that I want to be a fashion columnist. However, since the age of newspapers and magazines is slowly going downhill, I want to focus my efforts on working on online magazines and blogs. That means I will be putting more effort into developing this blog as well as my new blog on wordpress. I hope that I can reach people with my sense of style and who knows, maybe I'll get a client one day. Well, technically, I already do, she's one of my best friends, and she's going to be my first stylist project when she gets the money to get new clothes. I am so excited, and I can't wait to start filming my YouTube videos. The new year is going to bring about many changes.

I also want to share something personal. Lately, I've been sick, but I've also been really depressed and angry. I've been stressing really bad which has caused me to lash out at my family and friends, as well as seclude myself and be anti-social. I smile in public because i don't want to show signs of weakness But finally, I am letting it all go. I am forgiving those in my past who have aided in me feeling the way I do, and I am finally moving on. I feel happy, content, and most importantly, free. I just want to share it with the world that I am not going to be angry over little things, no longer depressed about everything. For once, I will genuinely be happy :)

I figured that since this is me just letting go, I am going to share with you an ensemble I wore recently going out. It's way out of my comfort zone but I felt so fierce. Then I looked back and said, maybe not as cute as I thought. But hey, I'm willing to put myself on the line here so wish my luck :)


Old Navy Shirt, Wet Seal Belt, Faith 21 Mini Skirt, WELOVECOLORS Tights, Traffic Boots

Now mind you, I wore a studded belt from a previous post and I wore silver jewelry, but yea the tights were brighter than I thought. But hey, you have to take risks to know what will work and what won't right? Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this very unique look. I'll be working on some styling posts that I will be posting here as well as my Word Press blog. Until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane

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  1. I love your peach skirt!!! And good for you for wearing neon tights outside! I'd NEVER have the guts to do that! Bright colors are intimidating... :X


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