Monday, November 9, 2009

Skittles Are Great

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Sears Tee-Shirt, Random Belt, Wet Seal High Waist Skinny Jeans, Vans High Top Sneakers, Random Bangles and Watches, Fabuless Doorknocker Heart Hoops, F21 Heart Locket Necklace

Hello hello hello good people! I know it's been a while again since my last post, but I was preparing for my eventful weekend. I went to a concert this past Saturday with one of my good friends (second picture) and it was amazing. I had so much fun, even though the clubbing after was rather confusing. I wanted to bring back the 80s Hip Hop flavor so I decided I had to go bright. I love the sneakers, they are my favorites, and you'll probably see them again at school. It's just a fun and funky ensemble perfect for a hip-hop concert.

So, I am officially sick again. I got my flu shot and maybe a day after that, my throat started hurting. Now I have a stuffy nose, sore throat, and I'm feeling fatigued. Then, on top of that, T.O.M. is here (for those who don't know, T.O.M. is Time Of the Month). I am pretty much screwed as far as my energy level and emotional level are concerned. I've been pretty pissed off lately, but I should be okay soon. I also had a Geology test today, feeling pretty confident about it. Hopefully I can pull off all As or at least all As and one B for the semester, otherwise, I'll probably be screaming on here about how my college career is over :/

Rainbow Empire Waist Dress, GoJane Heels, Random Belt, Vintage Quilted Bag, F21 Bow Headband, Gifted Real Gold Hoops, F21 Necklace, Fabuless Bangles

I edited the post so that I could show you what I wore today :) I love this dress, even though now it's too big. I belted it and adjusted the straps to the max so it would fit better :) I love the heels, especially the zippered front. The bag is from a thrift store I went to a few months back. I love these bow headbands, they just add a little costume-y feel to every ensemble. A lot of people liked this ensemble, which made me smile a little, and even if they didn't I'd still be smiling :) Well, I'm going to bed because, like I mentioned earlier, I'm sick and need some rest. So until tomorrow...C-ya!

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