Monday, November 16, 2009

Slacking On My Pimpin Lol

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Old Navy Sweatshirt Top, Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart Skirt, Wet Seal Skinny Jeans, Rampage Boots, Wal-Mart Pearl Studs, Wal-Mart Watch, F21 Leopard Sunglasses

Today,  I felt like I was slacking. I have a major group project due and I haven't even started my part of it, well, I did do some research today but still. I mean, I know I'm in college and slacking is what college students do best, but I have good grades to maintain. It's just lately I've been sick twice so my stamina has slowed down. But I cannot slack off anymore, I have to do this the right way.

About my ensemble though (love the subject change lol), the boots are from Goodwill, actually a website called Shop Goodwill. You can bid on items from different Goodwill locations in the U.S. and Canada I believe, I think I mentioned it before. Well, they made me happy with these boots. I will admit I was inspired by Karla of Karla's Closet to wear the skirt ensemble, but sinc eit was cold, I ended up wearing the white jeans, which still didn't seem too bad. I love the leopard sunglasses I ordered from Forever 21. They are a great addition to my sunglass collection, even though I have to wear regular eye glasses to see, and they change color when I'm outside. Sunglasses are just so much cooler. The sweatshirt tops I have in black and this gray, and they were just a fun buy. I use to wear them 80s style with a bright tank top underneath, may have to ressurect that look. A pretty casual ensemble today.


Old Navy Dress, Garanimals Leggings, Children's Place Sandals

Now, this is my angel Amerie, I haven't featured her in a post in a while. Her birthday is coming up in 2 days, she will be 2 years old. Everyone thinks she's going to be 3 though because she's so advanced as far as her understanding and growth. She loves fashion just as much as i do, and especially loves when I dress her up. She asked me to take pictures of her, mainly because she always sees me take pictures for the blog and Chictopia. So, who am I to stop her from sharing her style with the world? She is my world and I'm so thankful God blessed me with her. There are times where we fight because I forget that no matter how advanced she is, she's still not even two yet. I am working on this whole discipline thing, which I hate, and trying to figure out hwo to do it correctly. But, this is my first tiem being a mom, so I try not to be too hard on myself. This is my angel, and i hope to share many more pictures of her fabulous style :)

Well, I have some more research to do, probably need to hit up the library tomorrow or Wednesday. Until next time, C-ya!!!

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  1. I actually like the outfit with the white pants more! Maybe because white pants are sooo intriguing.... :)

    Your little girl is SO adorable!!!!! You should give her her own blog... :D


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