Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why does Yang have to be so stupid? Yin is not happy!

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So today's ensemble was not very exciting, so I'm posting one that I forgot to post a while back. I love this ensemble, because I actually left out color. I usually try to wear something colorful in my ensembles, but this time, I just said, black and white, that's it. I had a white tote bag with it, but it's kinda old so I decided not to show it off. I just felt so cool because it was finally cold enough to wear some leggings. I am tired of wearing the same summer staples, I wish we at least had fall in Florida, well, at least in my area. I just felt cool wearing this ensemble.

So, boy drama alert! I think he just wants to be with me for my body, not for anything else. Apparently he's been talking to another girl long distance for some months now, yet he wants to get in my bed and in my panties. Not cool bro, not cool at all. I mean, let's face it, we're grown up adults, and I know I have wants, and he does too. But do not just mislead me into thinking there could be more, if all you want is a friend with benefits. But, I'm going to be talking to him about this, because I could be over thinking everything. However, I devised a plan. I covered my bed with textbooks, and I have two chairs strategically placed in my room so we can talk. But it's not obvious, I'm not that stupid. But yea, he thinks he's going to come up in my bed and get some, not tonight buddy, not until we figure out if we are even a "we". Yep, I'm taking control of this ship Mr. Coast Guard Man!

So, in other news, I took my math test today, and I think I did ok. I don't want to say I got an A then get the test and it's a B or worse. I didn't really study for it hard, but I pay attention a lot in class and take thorough notes, so I didn't even crack the book open. I do however have two major assignments due soon, so I'm going to work on those. Wish me luck with the boy drama :/

Until next time...C-ya!

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