Monday, June 21, 2010

Ay Yo!


Forever 21 Neon Green Tank Top $3.99
Faith 21 Black and Grey Leopard Print Mini Skirt $10.80
Wet Seal Grey Cut Out Peep-Toe Booties $26.50
Family Dollar Black Beanie Hat $1 Silver Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoop Earrings $1.99
Forever 21 Black Wooden Cross Necklace $4.80
Goodwill Silver Bangles (Photo Left Arm) $1.99
Gifted Silver Flower Cocktail Ring $0
Walmart Silver Bangles (Photo Right Arm) $5
Random Brand Silver Rhinestone Cocktail Ring $4

Today, I am going to a park near my house that has a new water feature. I would have taken my daughter, but she's with my sister for the day. This is pretty much what I'm wearing, except the heels will be replaced with black sandals because I really don't want to get me nice shoes wet lol. I also won't have as much jewelry on because it's costume jewelry and I don't want to ruin it. I wanted to do something bright and wild, and what's more bright and wild than leopard print and neon green? I have worn this skirt with neon tights during the winter, but this is the summer version I guess :)

The nausea has gone down since I've been on the medication, however there's a new problem now. There's a mouse in my house! Ahhhhh!!!! I hate when this happens, but since we are due for our next extermination appointment anyway, it's just more money and work for them :/ I have really been embracing my inner rocker/ghetto girl look. I love the gaudy idea of jewelry and will probably be doing more. I decided to change my location for my photos because I just loved the lighting in my car port. I am trying to give you guys more fierceness because I know it's in me, I just gotta let it be free :)

Thanks so much for the support so far, I will keep bringing you more photos that are versatile. I also plan on buying a DSLR camera this fall when I get financial aid :) Anyone have any suggestions on which kind to get that is not crazy expensive. I'm talking maybe within the $100-$500 range? Leave a comment and let me know. I think a new camera will help with my blog, and I will want to take photos of everything in site probably lol.

I have been listening to this song on repeat for a few weeks now. I just love that vibe and she's such a talented singer. So, today's song is: "Ay Yo" by Melanie Fiona. Thanks for reading and I will have a fashion feature coming up either tonight or tomorrow!

Sarah Jane


  1. Hott! The yellow and leopard are such a great combination!

  2. Oh you look fabulous and hottie! I really like the combination, and i love your leopard skirt and heels! I want some plis. Oh by the way, you can get a nikon d3000 in walmart for about $450 (online) or a canon eos rebel for $500 :D i love canon if you ask me :P


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